Tech subdao progress update 2022.05.02

LikeCoin chain upgrade, written by Oursky v2.0.0 Upgrade (New account prefix + sdk 0.44) Raised an upgrade proposal, targeting height 3692800, which should be around May 4th UTC 11:00AM – v3.0.0 NFT Module Here is the updated spec for NFT: Comment welcome Notable change, Account to NFT class mapping. It may use as

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#DePub tutorial: how to publish your work to blockchain

“Publishing” is an archaic word. Although we all know what this word means under the context of traditional media industry, the word should mean something more in the Internet era when anyone can publish their content to the Internet by just one click. So, how should we interpret “publishing”?

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Digital Content ID: From ISBN to ISCN

If you have ever read a book, you have probably seen ISBN, the International Standard Book Number, which is the barcode printed on the back cover. But why does ISBN exist? Likely not everyone has thought about it. I invite you to think about this: without an ISBN, is a stapled stack of paper with

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