LikeCoin airdrop

Launching $LIKE Airdrop and Civic Likers Web3 | LikeCoin Update

💰Launch of LikeCoin Airdrop The long-awaited 50 million LikeCoin Airdrop is ready for claiming! Eligible ATOM/OSMO holders, delegators, liquidity providers, and Civic Likers can claim the airdrop by completing four required tasks: #1 Manage LikeCoin #2 Decentralize Tweeting #3 Stake LikeCoin #4 Vote on LikeCoin DAO These tasks are easy and we have prepared some

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50 Million $LIKE airdrop starts on 2.21 | LikeCoin Updates

Starting from February, we will send out a bi-weekly LikeCoin Community Update (replaces the Progress Update on Medium), aiming to deliver an all rounded community newsletter about LikeCoin DAO. Let’s take a look at what the community is up to! 💰Airdrop LikeCoin Airdrop 50 million LIKE will be airdropped to Civic Likers and holders of

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Year-end Bonus — Reinventing the Like

The Foundation will release 540,000 LikeCoin on 2019.1.2. All the creators with their works being Liked by registered users during 2018.12.7 to 2018.12.31 will be rewarded. We wish you all having a creative year of 2019.

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Pre-register Now for Free — Civic Liker Trial

Civic Liker Trial is opened for pre-registration from Dec 17 -31, max quota for 100 testers. Testers have the right to distribute the USD 5 monthly budget given by LikeCoin Foundation in Jan 2019 to content creators by liking their works.

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Reinventing the Like beta 5 wrap-up and progress review

beta 5 campaign has concluded. The past “beta” campaigns aim to verify product concepts. We believe in taking baby steps for improvement as our thoughts need to be verified by the community, in all aspects including product design, technical, operation, community growth and promotion strategy.

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“Reinventing the Like” beta 4 campaign wrap-up

The author who received the most LikeCoin (LIKE) in the campaign received a total of 94,535 LIKE (equivalent to HK$2,184, or NT$8,582), and the number of creators that participated in the campaign totaled 565, an increase of 29% compared to the previous campaign. The total number of registered users who have used the LikeButton were

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