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2019 Q4 Partnership | LikeCoin x Matters — A Place to Create & Own Your Publications through Blockchain

Table of Contents

LikeCoin x Matters migrated on 15 Oct 2019. A place to create and own your publications through Blockchain.

Partnerships with independent online media

In 2019 March, we have established several major partnerships with independent media platforms in Hong Kong to drive new users and adoptions from the traditional content creators spectrum. These media partners included StandNews,, and They are the leading independent online media publications in Hong Kong with a combined 10M+ monthly pageviews with LikeCoin button installed.

All Matters’ content creators will be given a Liker ID and wallet.

To extend the technology and impact from Hong Kong to the rest of the world, we are thrilled to announce our major partnership with Matters (known as the Chinese counterpart of ‘Medium’, and more). This partnership will be a major business development move for us to tap into the Chinese community. All Matters content creators will be given a Liker ID and wallet to begin. Matters’ rewarding system will also be supported by the LikeCoin mechanism.

Matters as a decentralized content platform, LikeCoin focuses on building base-layer infrastructure.

This partnership is a huge milestone for us and it fortifies the Foundation’s marquee position in driving blockchain innovation and real-world applications among content creators and users. Matters as a decentralized content platform will provide user access and first-hand experience of the idea of blockchain usage. For us, the Foundation itself will continue to focus on building base-layer infrastructure, including LikeCoin chain, LikeCoin token, LikeCoin protocol, LikeCoin button (plug-in), SDK and API for DApps on top of LikeCoin chain.

About Matters

Matters is a decentralized content platform to provide a shared infrastructure to creators. Matters seeks to respond to key issues in today’s centralized media industry: big data monopoly, algorithmic bias, copyright authorization, and of course, a broken business model. Matter’s solution is a shared infrastructure enabling independent creators to create, communicate, spread, and monetize their work freely, without relying on platforms. The system should be built on a decentralized web, to make sure data, as well as copyright, can be controlled and tracked by users and creators so that creators can get back every piece of profits derived from their work.