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Reimagining Writing NFT |LikeCoin Newsletter

Table of Contents

🔎In Focus: Embedding NFT Marketplace in Creative Works

NFT greatly contributes to the blockchain industry. Not only does it provide creators with bonuses of the era, but also foster distributed technology. Many people have hence opened wallets and tried out Web3.

The abbreviation “NFT” is associated with many concepts, including ownership, uniqueness, content value, community, stakeholder economy, co-creation, identity, etc. Many people, undeniably, are concerned about its price speculation more than anything else, but it is somehow an inevitable stage for all new industries. More possibilities of NFT will be unveiled as time goes by.

NFT Tailor-made for Content

Besides its ability to profitize content, NFT also helps define a consensual format of “the unique item” in the metaverse. NFT can be any “the only” digital information, may it be an email, an image, or an identity of a book. Together with the public consensus of the meaning of NFT, the economic modeling of every vertical industry will be redefined.

LikeCoin has always been focusing on decentralized publishing, and the forthcoming LikeCoin chain-supported NFT is designed for the need of text-based content creation. Similar to the workflow of traditional publishing, i.e., securing content authorship -> printing the content in books -> selling via channels, creators can now register the content on LikeCoin chain, mint an NFT of it and then sell it in NFT marketplaces. Compared with the constraints in physical publishing, publishing content and exchanging value in metaverse can be more flexible and everlasting.

Reimagining Writing NFT |LikeCoin Newsletter
The new version of LikeCoin button enables readers to collect NFT and support creative works.

Simplifying Publishing, Purchase in Just One Click

Liker Land is working hard on the launch of the first LikeCoin NFT application: Embedding NFT marketplace into your creative works.

  • By clicking the LikeCoin button, the Keplr wallet will be popped out and readers can collect the content as an NFT.
  • Creators don’t need to upload their works on NFT marketplaces such as Opensea, or complete the complicated registration and information entry processes for every single piece of their works.
  • The NFT price will vary depending on the market demand. Neither do the sellers or buyers need to worry about the price setting.

📚DePub application

depub.space Supports Post on Twitter

Reimagining Writing NFT |LikeCoin Newsletter

The new function of “Post on Twitter” enables tweets on depub.space to be shared on Twitter simultaneously. Give it a try!

Also, depub.space is planning to create a social network among users with the use of LikeCoin NFT functions. LikeCoin NFT as the basic technical standard will derive many more applications. Looking forward to the multiverse of LikeCoin NFT!

Auto-compounding with REStake

Reimagining Writing NFT |LikeCoin Newsletter

After the upgrade of LikeCoin chain LaiChiKok, validators OldCat, Liker.Social, Coding Everyday, Yoitsu and narro.j support the REStake app which enables auto-compound of rewards. If you are delegators, simply activate the service on https://restake.app/likecoin, and enjoy the auto-compound staking rewards. The validators will pay the transaction fees for you.

Civic Liker: 1👏 = 1 LIKE

In response to the community suggestion, the Civic Liker reward scheme will be changed as follows:

  • Every clap by Civic Liker will be equivalent to 1 LikeCoin.
  • The stake reward derived by Civic Liker delegation every day will be distributed to creators according to the 1 clap=1 LIKE principle, until the balance is used up.
  • The distribution logic of the Creators Fund will remain unchanged.

LikeCoin DAO Updates

Committee Update

  • community-delegation-committee: A total of 100 million LIKE has delegated to 14 validators participating in LikeCoin chain upgrade incentive programme. Each node can enjoy a delegation of 7,142,857 LIKE.

💰Airdrop Updates


Validator POSTHUMAN ∞ DVS will soon launch their own $PHMN token and will hold an airdrop. If you have delegated to this node on LikeCoin chain, go check if you’re eligible for the airdrop awards! You can find more details here.

📰Media Coverage

unwire.pro Interview

Phoebe is interviewed by startup columnist Wan Sze-zit and introduces how the LikeCoin WordPress plugin can link Web3 with WordPress and help users to publish on blockchain.

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