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Arweave x LikeCoin: The Library of Alexandria and The Library Catalogue in the Metaverse

Table of Contents

ISCN is a registry for decentralized metadata. It is the key to establish decentralized publishing infrastructure on the Permaweb. With the integration with Arweave, creators can now have their metadata secured and content permanently stored on the permaweb with simple tools.

ISCN is a registry for decentralized metadata

Arweave is developing a permanent “Library of Alexandria” on the blockchain. Users can save any information to the Arweave network by paying some AR tokens. If the information on Arweave is the books in this library, then ISCN (International Standard Content Number) serves as the library catalogue of the books. When Arweave preserves various creative works such as photos, articles and videos, ISCN on the LikeCoin chain stores the metadata such as creators, published date, usage and version information. Data with metadata completes a piece of creative work.

Here is a quick 10mins presentation on integrating Arweave to LikeCoin at the Open Web Foundry Community Spotlight event.

Simple tools for registering ISCN and uploading to Arweave

LikeCoin has integrated Arweave in our product showcase Users can now use LIKE to add their creative works to the “Metaverse Library” collection. In addition, registering an ISCN and uploading it to Arweave is simple and easy.

Arweave x LikeCoin: The Library of Alexandria and The Library Catalogue in the Metaverse

Firstly, the system estimates ISCN registration and Arweave storage cost, then asks the user to pay in LIKE. Users need to sign two times by Keplr wallet in the uploading process, first for Arweave’s confirmation and second for ISCN confirmation. The whole process cost around 1 LIKE (approx. 0.04 USD) only for a 400KB picture.

Arweave x LikeCoin: The Library of Alexandria and The Library Catalogue in the Metaverse

Pin for IPFS as well

There is a well-known issue for IPFS users: files must be “pinned” to the network, or else they will disappear and can never be restored. The Arweave+IPFS bridge solves this problem by utilizing Arweave’s storage for the IPFS pins. In, it uses the Arweave-IPFS bridge so that the content fingerprint of each ISCN provides both IPFS hash and Arweave ID. Thus, the creative works will benefit from two exceptional distributed storage solutions simultaneously, with metadata maintained by the LikeCoin chain.

Decentralized Publishing in Metaverse

ISCN serves as an immutable catalogue of creative works. Creators can mint NFTs via different channels like OpenSea, Rarible or Foundation, by referring to the same ISCN ID for the work’s metadata, just like the case of referring to the same ISBN for book editions. So claim an ISCN for your works as their “birth certificate” now.

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