LikeCoin Community Call Minutes #202208

Writing NFT Campaign page is on! Slideshttps://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1gp8HK4QZX5bs4Kwyx1OBayDaKLW7udUh3n7sNyaD_tM/edit#slide=id.gcf4c9053b3_0_3 Writing NFT Writing NFT main features are now live on the campaign page released today. The 1st Writing NFT is ready for collection on the campaign page. What is it about Writing NFT and what are the features that you will be seeing in the following months. Feature

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LikeCoin Community Update #202112

In the 2021 last community call of LikeCoin, things are happening in the ecosystem including the airdrop that everybody is awaiting for, updates on DEX, promotion plan for Twitter, proposals passed and upcoming, update on Grants and much more.

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