laichikok chain update

LikeCoin chain upgrade, LaiChiKok Overview

LaiChiKok is the second upgrade to the LikeCoin chain. We are upgrading LikeCoin to enhance chain efficiency, including upgrading the Cosmos-SDK version to 0.44.8 and ibc-go to 2.1.0 and supporting “like” wallet prefix.

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Liker Land is looking for a passionate designer to design product UI/UX and promotional materials for marketing use.

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Liker Land is seeking an innovative marketer/ storyteller to promote the LikeCoin brand. In this role, you will help us drive and test various marketing strategies, to increase LikeCoin brand awareness in the global crypto markets.

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Business Development

Liker Land is looking for an experienced sales and outgoing person to join the team. This role will help drive LikeCoin growth and identify opportunities in the overall blockchain and crypto communities globally.

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Developer Advocate

Liker Land is looking for a community engineer who designs, analyzes, builds and tests our software toolkit, document and grant program that supports the operation and growth of the LikeCoin community.

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