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Blockchain for creative contents

Table of Contents

Sharing at HKOSCon 2018 by LikeCoin Foundation

LikeCoin is an ERC20 token based on the Ethereum blockchain. Using the power of smart contract, we enable easier user attribution and cross-platform collaboration on creative contents. In this talk, I described the idea, algorithm and open source technology we use, how we collaborate with partners and how can everyone join in our effort.

Some highlight of this talk

Overall architecture:

Blockchain for creative contents
Basic architecture of LikeChain

Core components:

  • Smart contracts (Ethereum)
  • Relay contracts (Ethereum)
  • Tendermint (LikeChain)
  • IPLD (LikeChain)
  • IPFS


puttyimages is open sourced in github and you are invited to join our development efforts. No blockchain experience necessary. Not only will you be able to work with a great team and learn about the latest technologies in blockchain, but you will also gain LIKE as a bonus for pull requests being merged.

Author: Aludirk