Tech subdao progress update 2022.07.04

LikeCoin chain upgrade, by Oursky v3.0.0 Starferry Raised upgrade proposal for v3.0.0 on testnet This version supports NFT blindbox and marketplace features Spec: Roadmap updates To avoid long waiting, this release will upgrade to the cosmos-sdk version 0.45.6 instead of 0.46 There will have another upgrade proposal when cosmos-sdk 0.46 or later versions released

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Tech subdao progress update 2022.06.06

LikeCoin chain upgrade, written by Oursky v2.0.2 Upgrade Released v2.0.2 to fix the issue that Mainnet halted because it panicked when unbonding unbonded validator Mainnet validators have upgraded to the new version and resumed the chain Please refer to for more details v3.0.0 Starferry-alpha Deployed alpha builds of StarFerry (v3.0.0) including Blindbox feature for

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Tech subdao progress update 2022.05.02

LikeCoin chain upgrade, written by Oursky v2.0.0 Upgrade (New account prefix + sdk 0.44) Raised an upgrade proposal, targeting height 3692800, which should be around May 4th UTC 11:00AM – v3.0.0 NFT Module Here is the updated spec for NFT: Comment welcome Notable change, Account to NFT class mapping. It may use as

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