Writing NFT

Writing NFT – The Future of Decentralize Publishing

The Writing NFT is designed for a single web page or blog post. Publish as you write, Collect as you read. Writing NFT vs Book Publishing NFT technology can fulfill many functions of a traditional book publisher, such as distribution, ownership, monetization, royalties, and fundraising. However, compared to book publishing, the general format of writings

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A Telegram post from March shows a school classroom in Kharkiv strewn with debris. It was submitted to the ICC as evidence of a potential war crime by Starling Lab and its partners.

Preserving the History with Immutable Evidence | LikeCoin Updates

A photo from Telegram in March shows debris all over a school classroom in Kharkiv. Starling Lab and its partners submit this photo to the International Criminal Court as evidence of war crimes committed. 🔎In Focus: Project Starling LikeCoin has been working with Starling Lab in the past year to register important media metadata to

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Reimagining Writing NFT |LikeCoin Newsletter

🔎In Focus: Embedding NFT Marketplace in Creative Works NFT greatly contributes to the blockchain industry. Not only does it provide creators with bonuses of the era, but also foster distributed technology. Many people have hence opened wallets and tried out Web3. The abbreviation “NFT” is associated with many concepts, including ownership, uniqueness, content value, community,

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LikeCoin WordPress plugin

Publishing WordPress Articles to the Metaverse | LikeCoin Update

🔎In Focus: LikeCoin Bridges WordPress and Web3 The current hassle to publish articles as NFTs: Creators needed to find ways to save the contents and metadata on decentralized storage such as IPFS or blockchain, before selling them on the NFT marketplaces. Furthermore, they had to purchase several kinds of cryptocurrencies during the process. We have

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ISCN cards

How to register 300 Tang Poems on blockchain by JS script

We will go through the steps how to register large amount of ISCN records in one go in this article. You better have a bit technical background to understand the full procedure, but you can still complete the task step-by-step even you don’t. The procedure is easier than filling in a government’s form.

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#DePub tutorial: how to publish your work to blockchain

“Publishing” is an archaic word. Although we all know what this word means under the context of traditional media industry, the word should mean something more in the Internet era when anyone can publish their content to the Internet by just one click. So, how should we interpret “publishing”?

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