Digital Content ID: From ISBN to ISCN

If you have ever read a book, you have probably seen ISBN, the International Standard Book Number, which is the barcode printed on the back cover. But why does ISBN exist? Likely not everyone has thought about it. I invite you to think about this: without an ISBN, is a stapled stack of paper with

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How ISCN completes IPFS file version management

IPFS does not provide a solution to tackle the file versioning issue. IPNS and DNS links can resolve part of the problem but are far from a perfect solution as they do not support version traceability. ISCN, a metadata registry, fits the purpose.

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Why doesn’t digital content have a registration database like ISBN?

ISBN is not only a unique identifier for publications but also bears some corresponding metadata, such as primary as book titles, authors, as well as information about language, publisher, place and time of publication. With this identifier and the corresponding metadata, it can help to build a global sales/management system, and it can even use

Read More » Revamp — the Creative Community is Always the Key

The website of LikeCoin Foundation is revamped today to welcome a new stage of the project. The creative community is always the key, with the technology as the means. ; connects the three major elements: Creators, Readers, and Creative Works, together with the “red thread of fate” – the reinvented LikeButton.

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WordPress Plugin to Turn “Likes” into Income

The fact is that no matter how many “Likes” your work has got, you cannot earn any income directly — in the past. There is a good news for you now if your content website is WordPress-based: There is a way to turn Likes into income now, and all you need is just a simple,

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