Why Build A New Blockchain — LikeCoin Chain

LikeCoin is a decentralized protocol to transform the way digital content operates. It provides a tool for content attribution, a new business model to realign creativity & rewards, an established ecosystem for validators, developers, readers, and content creators to interact with each other.

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Quick Nuxt.js SSR prototyping with Firebase Cloud Functions

Production grade superb CDN + no backend + SSR, all-in-one tl;dr: Here’s an example repo of Nuxt.js + Firebase Cloud Functions + Firebase Hosting. This stack is suitable for prototype and production use Update: I have wrote a new article on Typescript and Express support. 1. Introduction I like vue.js a lot for its simplicity,

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Why do new blockchain projects prefer PoS over PoW?

If you have been following the trend of blockchain technology, you will notice that most of the new public blockchain projects are using PoS as their consensus mechanism: Cosmos, Cardano, Dfinity, Algorand, etc. Not to mention that Ethereum is turning from PoW to PoS. So what is the advantage of using PoS over PoW?

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