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CDC Progress Update 2022.07.04

Table of Contents

Here are the statistics from the Community Delegation Committee:

Current Delegation Status

  • Funds 207,226,813 LIKE as of today, total delegation 206,370,496 LIKE
  • Delegation rewards received from last month was 1,582,115 LIKE

Proposal 44 Delegation

  • Since the Yoitsu node was dead, the delegation amount from Proposal 44 was split between 13 validator nodes, each validator got 549,451 LIKE more.

Current Delegation Round: Round 13 ( June )

  • Delegated to 10 validators
  • 9 Normal, 1 High Delegation
  • 1 renew application : Moonbeam


As the current CDC appointment period is until October 31, 2022, it is about time to review the structure of CDC and/or its succession. The community is welcome to discuss about it in the #apply-for-delegation channel.

For more details please refer to: