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Civic Liker Web3 – 100K LIKE Bonus Campaign

Table of Contents

To welcome new Civic Likers and also encourage delegation, a campaign of 100,000 LikeCoin bonus will be launched next Monday.


2022.02.21 12:00 – 2022.03.07 11:59 (GMT +8)

How to Join

For all those users who have become a Civic Liker Web3 during the campaign period,

  • share the bonus of 50,000 LIKE based on the stake reward generated within the period
  • get a POAP NFT of Civic Liker Web3
  • If total delegation amount of the “Civic Liker node” reaches 5 million LIKE, additional 50,000 LIKE will be released to the stakers
  • Civic Likers who joined before can also get a special POAP NFT if they join the Web3 version during the campaign period.

The LikeCoin bonus and the POAP will be released to the eligible Civic Likers within two weeks after the campaign has ended. LikeCoin bonus will be delivered directly to Civic Liker’s wallet address, and the way to claim POAP will be sent to registered emails, so please confirm that your email address is working fine.

How to be a Civic Liker

After Civic Liker Web3 launches on 2022.02.21, stake at least 5,000 LIKE to the “Civic Liker node”, with the wallet address tied with a Liker ID. Read this for how to register a Liker ID.

Stake more, reward more, and have greater power to vote in LikeCoin DAO and for Creators Fund distribution. Read this for details of Civic Liker Web3.

Civic Liker is a movement to reward good content and encourage openness. Let’s keep moving on.