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50 Million $LIKE airdrop starts on 2.21 | LikeCoin Updates

Table of Contents

Starting from February, we will send out a bi-weekly LikeCoin Community Update (replaces the Progress Update on Medium), aiming to deliver an all rounded community newsletter about LikeCoin DAO. Let’s take a look at what the community is up to!


LikeCoin Airdrop

50 million LIKE will be airdropped to Civic Likers and holders of ATOM or OSMO. Please visit and link your wallet or enter your wallet address to find out how much you are eligible to claim. Airdrops will start on 21 February. For any enquiries, please visit LikeCoin Discord #airdrop channel or go to Liker Land and click “Help“.

50 Million $LIKE airdrop starts on 2.21 | LikeCoin Updates

The author SlothLife has created a series of airdrop meme, which are all licensed under CC0. Welcome to share the joy of getting the airdrops.

Desmos Airdrops

LikeCoin delegators are eligible for Desmos airdrops and can claim them from now until February 25. If you don’t know how to claim, please refer to Makzan’s tutorial.



50 Million $LIKE airdrop starts on 2.21 | LikeCoin Updates

depub.SPACE is a Web3 decentralized Twitter that requires only a small amount of LIKE to directly “DePub” (decentralized-publish) text and images to blockchain and IPFS. Users can connect their Keplr wallet or the Liker Land app to post messages on depub.SPACE . Chinese New Year campaign is going on, you may participate in the #decentralizehk 好康,團拜領取 88,888 LikeCoin 紅包 activity to receivered pockets

Civic Liker Web3 (beta)

Web 3 is here. Civic Liker will evolve into a crypto native version, and no longer support legacy credit card payments. Starting from 21 February, you can become a Civic Liker when you delegate LIKE to the Civic Liker node. In addition to supporting the author you like, you will also become a stakeholder to vote on proposals and participate in the DAO governance. For more details, please refer to Civic Liker Web3 revamp in the Year of the Tiger, and stay tuned for further updates. Update

Liker Land team has added support for 9 decimal places to and improves its ability to sort validators and other parameters.

Wallet interface

Besides, users can use OmniFlix, and to transfer, vote, and delegate LIKE.

🛠LikeCoin chain upgrade

Change the LikeCoin address prefix

Liker Land team is preparing for the LikeCoin wallet address to be changed from the cosmo1 prefix to like1, including support for existing web pages, older CLI, Keplr and Ledger. Temporarily found old records of SIGN_MODE_DIRECT can interact between the two prefixes without hindrance. Technical details can be found on GitHub, please feel free to check it out and provide feedback.

Upgrade to Cosmos SDK 0.44

LikeCoin chain is now preparing for the next round of upgrades to the Cosmos SDK 0.44 and is trying to integrate the Cosmosvisor tool to allow validators to automatically upgrade, making the whole process smoother.

NFT module

Liker Land team and the newly onboarded Oursky developers are researching and testing on the Cosmos SDK NFT module scheme that is most suitable for the LikeCoin chain. Looking to inject NFT power into the LikeCoin ecosystem.

🗳LikeCoin DAO News

Proposal 32 – Dismiss LikeCoin Community Delegation Committee Community Commission

  • 252 votes / 31.48% Yes / 53.53% No / 0.17% Veto / 14.83% 252 votes / 31.48% Yes / 53.53% No / 0.17% Veto / 14.83% Abstain
  • Related discussion: LikeCoin Discord #General channel
  • The main task of the Community Delegation Committee is to delegate the community fund to the appropriate validators, so as to achieve the goal of countering inflation and protecting the network.
  • This proposalt has been rejected.

Proposal 33 – Hire Oursky for development through a community pool

  • 232 vo232 votes / 99.99% Yes / 0.01% No / 0.00% Veto/ 0.00% Abstain
  • Related discussion: LikeCoin Discord #proposal-discussions channel
  • The proposal is mainly to hire Oursky company to accelerate the technical development of LikeCoin through the community pool. Tasks includes changing the wallet address from cosmos1 to like1 and adding NFT functionality.
  • The proposal has been passed and 1,228,020 LIKEs for the employment of Oursky has been paid directly to Oursky.

Community Delegation

The 8th round of community delegation has been successfully The 8th round of community delegation has been successfully completed, with a total of 17 validators entrusted with basic community delegation and 1 validator entrusted with the high delegation. A total of 100,723,759 LIKEs were commissioned for this round.

Creator Fund Committee

The Proposal 35 Community Pool Spend Proposal has initiated a request of 1.8 million LIKEs to the Community Pool for the distribution of the Creation Fund for the next three months. The Creation Fund’s matching share will remain at 20,000 LIKEs in February, and the Committee also discussed the impact of the Civic Liker 3.0 on the Creation Fund and how to adjust for the Fund in the future.

Video of the February community meeting

🤖LikeCoin at Cosmos

Currently, Liker Land is a validator on Osmosis and Desmos Network, and at least 10% of the commission will be used to support the development of the LikeCoin ecosystem. Please show your support.


Along with the rapid growth, we are looking for talents to co-build the future of DePub. If you are interested in decentralized publishing, building Web 3 media tools, and the NFT economy, Liker Land is hiring for the following positions with referral bonuses, please join us today to build a better world!

We are looking for:

  • Full-end developer
  • Development advocate
  • Business development
  • Designer

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