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Creators Fund Status Review (Feb – Jun 2022)

Table of Contents

Below are the statistics of Creators Fund distribution and related Civic Liker operation in the past 5 months, since 21 Feb to 30 Jun 2022.

Civic Liker Node

Total stake = 7,520,989 LIKE (up to 5 Jul 2022), has increased by 80% comparing with 4,176,896 LIKE on 7 Mar 2022 when Civic Liker Web3 started.

Civic Liker number

Total number of Civic Liker is 628 (up to 30 Jun 2022).

Creators Fund Status Review (Feb - Jun 2022)

Current delegation distribution insights:

  • despite those users who have not yet reached the 5000 LIKE minimum threshold
    • 82.1% users delegates 5000-9999 LIKE
    • 13.8% delegate 10,000-24,999 LIKE
    • 2.1% delegate 25,000-49.999 LIKE
    • 0.5% delegate 50,000-99,999 LIKE
    • 1.5% delegate > 100,000 LIKE
Creators Fund Status Review (Feb - Jun 2022)

The chart below is for all delegators including those not yet reached 5000 LIKE threshold (thanks to baoshin).

Creators Fund Status Review (Feb - Jun 2022)

Reward Generated

Reward generated by Civic Liker in Jun is 96,614 LIKE, and 308,101 LIKE in total since day one.

Creators Fund Status Review (Feb - Jun 2022)

Civic Liker Account Balance

More than 60%, which is out of 680 Civic Likers have more than 100 LIKE unused balance in their account, 7.8% has more than 1000 LIKE.

Creators Fund Status Review (Feb - Jun 2022)

Active Users

MAU of Civic Liker is decreasing since Mar 2022.

Creators Fund Status Review (Feb - Jun 2022)

Funded Creators

Totally 7743 creators have been rewarded by Creators Fund, maximum funded amount 35740 LIKE, 89 creators have got more than 5000 LIKE.

Creators Fund Released (per user domain, top 12)

Creators Fund Status Review (Feb - Jun 2022)

77.8% of the Creators Fund went to 7395 Matters creators, 15% went to 443 Liker.Social creators, 2.7% went to 1029 creators.


30 out of 1,000 Likers have allocated 37.8% (685,105 LIKE) of the Creators Fund.

Insights and Suggestions

  • Civic Liker Number is increasing while MAU is decreasing, showing that although users may feel hard to build a long term habit of clapping, they tend to be loyal and just let the account balance grow.
  • Around 50% of users have 100-500 unused LIKE budget in their account, indicating that most of the users cannot spend their budget efficiently.
  • Suggest to apply tiers of rewarding according to the unused LikeCoin balance so that the budget can be used more efficiently to reward creators. Say, if the remaining budget is above 1000 LIKE, each like action distributes 10 LIKE instead of 1 LIKE. To strive balance between simple-enough and effectiveness, this tier only affects less than 10% of the users.
  • 77.8% of the Creators Fund was distributed via a single platform, Matters. More work should be done to encourage individual websites, such as encouraging likers to follow creators by tools such as RSS readers and Liker Land app.
  • 82.1% of Civic Likers stake less than 10,000 LIKE which is dominant. Suggest to launch some promotion programs and push these users to stake more.
  • 7743 creator wallets have been awarded during the past 5 months, may consider to encourage these creators to become Civic Liker as well.
  • 30 out of 1,000 Civic Likers have allocated 37.8% of the Creators Fund, but around 40% of these top 30 Likers stake less than 10,000 LIKE. May strive for a better balance may to let bigger stakers to have bigger power over fund distribution.

This report is delivered by Edmond Yu, committee member of Creators Fund Committee (CFC) established base on proposal 23.