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#DePub 202104 — ISCN, an immutable content registry is coming to the LikeCoin chain

Table of Contents

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In the past year, the LikeCoin community has been promoting and building awareness around content monetization. We are glad that the effort is growing steadily and helped us understand the publishing landscape more. But it is just the beginning of what LikeCoin could offer.

The technical team has been working hard to build a content registration mechanism in addition to what LikeCoin has been doing. After 12 months of design, and validation process, the ISCN content registry is finally close to the finish. In the upcoming LikeCoin chain Fotan upgrade, we will include the Cosmos Stargate update and enable the ISCN module.

ISCN (International Standard Content Number)

#DePub 202104 — ISCN, an immutable content registry is coming to the LikeCoin chain

Imagine it is the ISBN for digital content. ISCN (International Standard Content Number) is a decentralized content registry. It is a comprehensive metadata framework that can facilitate content registrations, licensing, and monetization for all media types. Content creators can register their content metadata and adequately set up content attributes before distributing the content.

The upcoming LikeCoin chain code-name is “FoTan” to commemorate the birthplace of the LikeCoin concept — Fo Tan, Hong Kong. We will launch the FoTan testnet this quarter, currently working on procedures/documents for migrating. So stay tuned! Welcome to check out the monthly community meeting records to learn more about our progress.

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Become a LikeCoin chain validator!

#DePub 202104 — ISCN, an immutable content registry is coming to the LikeCoin chain
Set up guide:

LikeCoin chain operates under a permissionless, Bonded Proof-of-Stake (BPoS) mechanism. And the maximum number of active validators now increased to 50 seats. You are invited to become a LikeCoin chain validator to help maintain the chain efficiency, participate in voting and form new blocks in the blockchain.

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