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#DePub 202107 | LikeCoin will be upgraded in two weeks to support “Decentralized Publishing”

Table of Contents

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LikeCoin chain Upgrade Timeline

We are upgrading LikeCoin to pave the future of Decentralized Publishing. Introducing FoTan — the first major LikeCoin chain upgrade. FoTan will enable Cosmos Stargate with IBC (cross-chain transactions), new publishing feature ISCN (metadata registry), and much more.

We had successfully conducted a Testnet upgrade with 20 validators last week. Thank you to the validators who joined us; it was a great experience! The Mainnet upgrade proposal raised by sixwood is now in the voting period. There will be a web conference for the upgrade on Wednesday, 18th Aug 2021. Save the date!

You can learn more about the upgrade in our blog post LikeCoin chain, FoTan overview. The Technical guide is also available for validators who want to join the upgrade.

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ISCN — Digital Content ID

#DePub 202107 | LikeCoin will be upgraded in two weeks to support “Decentralized Publishing”

The main feature of the chain upgrade is the ISCN metadata registry. ISCN is the fundamental infrastructure for Decentralized Publishing. That helps us fulfill the vision of the LikeCoin chain as an application-specific blockchain that focuses on content and media ecology.

“Precious content is like a carefully written book; a fascinating article; classic photography; or a timeless illustration, they all worth to be circulated forever. There should be ways to prevent content lost due to various reasons such as platform bankruptcy, expired fees, human error, political censorship, etc. To achieve this, in addition to decentralized storage solutions like IPFS and Arweave, content should also include content IDs like the ISCN. Content with ISCN can be searchable, discoverable, quoted, or interacted.” — Digital Content ID: From ISBN to ISCN, Kin Ko, Founder of LikeCoin

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Understanding Metadata

#DePub 202107 | LikeCoin will be upgraded in two weeks to support “Decentralized Publishing”

ISCN is the registry of content metadata.

The fields in metadata are clear and easy to understand; with sufficient metadata information, users will be able to find the information or data they need in the vast internet ocean with intuitive keywords and filtering conditions. Metadata also includes content version information, and it will be an excellent file version management field for distributed storage solutions like IPFS and Arweave.

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We will be sharing more updates and news about Decentralized Publishing in the coming months, do follow us on social media!

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