Enhancements in Liker Land: Chain Upgrade, Revamped Homepage and NFT eBook Claim Flow

Table of Contents

Enhancements in Liker Land: Chain Upgrade, Revamped Homepage and NFT eBook Claim Flow

Table of Contents


Minutes of the May Community Call for LikeCoin, held on the first Monday of the month, dedicated to discussing recent developments within the ecosystem. Phoebe, representing the Liker Land team, commenced the session by providing updates.

Proposal 80 related tasks completed

Phoebe reported on Proposal 80, which she had been supporting. The proposal, aimed at facilitating operational activities, has been marked as complete. Its details involved swapping a portion of tokens in the DAO wallet for stablecoin. Currently, the anticipated quantity of NUM tokens has been exchanged for USDT and transferred back to the multisig wallet held by various DAO members on the Gnosis Safe wallet. This wallet is publicly accessible via the provided link, ensuring transparency. Funds have been securely transferred back to the multi wallet, concluding the update on Proposal 80.

Additionally, Phoebe reported about the successful completion of a chain upgrade, primarily focusing on IBC Go. The process was executed smoothly, lasting approximately 15-20 minutes. Gratitude was expressed to all validators for their participation in facilitating the upgrade, with special acknowledgment extended to William for his assistance.

Helping hand on Twitter promotion

During the meeting, Phoebe provided updates regarding activities related to Liker Land. Prior to delving into Liker Land matters, she highlighted a recent development on the Twitter side. In the previous month, a volunteer from the community named Gary was onboarded to assist in maintaining regular updates on Twitter for LikeCoin. While Gary was unable to attend the current meeting, Phoebe ensured that he received the necessary link to join the discussion on Discord. Gary has been actively contributing for approximately two weeks, aiding in populating content on Twitter for LikeCoin.

區塊鏈3.0 COSMOS跨鏈生態

Phoebe elaborated on Gary’s recent involvement, mentioning his assistance in hosting a Twitter Space event, which had not been organized for some time. The event occurred a few days ago and focused on a recently published Chinese book featured on Liker Land, centered around Cosmos. Jaga, a supporter of LikeCoin, shared insights into the Cosmos space and adopted an open-source approach for his book, making its content freely downloadable. Phoebe noted that over 60 individuals have already accessed the book via Liker Land and encouraged further support for Jaga’s work on the platform.

Concluding the update on the Twitter side, Phoebe mentioned the potential for more updates facilitated by Gary in the future. She expressed hope that Gary could be invited to provide a brief introduction about his plans and background in the upcoming month.

Revamped Liker Land Homepage, loading speed and NFT eBook claim flow

Proceeding with an overview of recent Liker Land product updates. Phoebe shared insights into the recent revamp of the homepage, aimed at addressing two key areas of improvement. Firstly, significant enhancements were made to the loading performance and speed of the Liker Land page. The development team identified loading performance issues and diligently implemented several upgrades and improvements. As a result, the speed of the Liker Land homepage has notably increased, particularly in loading book covers, providing users with a more instantaneous experience upon accessing the platform.

Liker Land Revamped Homepage for NFT eBook

Additionally, updates were made to the homepage’s information and design to ensure visitors immediately understand the platform’s purpose upon arrival. The previous version of the page primarily targeted writers, whereas the current iteration serves as a Book Store front end, offering direct visibility into the available books for sale. Phoebe encouraged attendees to explore these recent revamp efforts on Liker Land.

Furthermore, efforts have been made to reduce friction in the purchase funnel. Building upon the deployment of Social and Email logins mentioned in the previous month’s update, login options have now been extended to writers. This streamlines the login process for writers when creating or uploading content, eliminating the need to navigate through Web3 wallet integration.

Improvements were also implemented in the claim flow for acquiring books on the site, considering the majority of Liker Land’s audience consists of non-technical users. The claim flow has been simplified to facilitate account creation while claiming books, enhancing the user experience. Phoebe indicated that ongoing efforts will focus on enhancing the mobile experience for claiming books in the coming month, ensuring continued improvements for site engagement. These adjustments reflect recent developments aimed at enhancing user interaction with the platform.

New publishers onboard

Phoebe also provided updates regarding new publishers who have recently joined Liker Land. One of these publishers, Terminus, specializes in curating local news from Hong Kong and compiling research reports. Their content is now available on Liker Land, offering readers access to the latest stories and research findings pertaining to Hong Kong. Additionally, The Breakthrough, another new addition to Liker Land, is a commercial publisher based in Hong Kong. They have started listing their magazines on the platform, providing an opportunity for collaboration and understanding the needs of larger, commercial publishers in the traditional space. Phoebe encouraged attendees to support these publishers’ work, highlighting the latest issue of The Breakthrough’s magazine, which delves into the topic of local policy in Hong Kong regarding rubbish fees.

In the previous month, it was mentioned that efforts would be made to enhance marketing initiatives. Currently, one of the most active channels for Liker Land is Substack. Phoebe encouraged attendees to subscribe to the newsletter via the provided link, ensuring they stay updated on the latest developments.

EPUB Text-to-Speech in beta testing

Phoebe took a moment to inform community members about a new tool developed by the team, which is currently in beta testing. This tool is a text-to-speech feature capable of converting any EPUB file into audio format. Phoebe extended an invitation to attendees who might be interested in testing out this tool, especially those who enjoy audiobooks. She provided a link in the chat for anyone interested in participating in the beta testing and encouraged them to share their feedback on the tool’s functionality. Phoebe emphasized that the team is currently seeking feedback from friends and community members to improve the tool further.