Latest updates and features on Web3Press and Liker Land – LikeCoin Community Call Minutes #202303

Table of Contents

Web3Press and Liker Land Exciting updates – LikeCoin Community Call Minutes #202303

Table of Contents

Greetings! Let me provide you with a detailed description of the latest updates and features on Web3Press and Liker Land.

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Exciting Writing NFT Product Updates

Writing NFT Notification exclusively for writers and collectors communication

Firstly, Liker Land has recently introduced a new feature exclusively for writers. This feature lets writers receive notifications when someone buys their NFT, enabling them to interact with their buyers. In addition, it facilitates communication between writers and their collectors, enhancing their relationship. This feature has been deployed for the past two weeks, and writers are encouraged to check it out.

AI-generated cover for Writing NFT

AI-generated cover for Writing NFT

Secondly, Liker Land has integrated an AI generator for the cover of Writing NFTs. This feature aims to assist writers who find it challenging to develop suitable cover pictures for their NFTs. Using the latest AI technology, writers can generate covers for their NFTs. This feature has yet to be widely advertised, but writers can try it out and provide feedback.

Liker Social is Highly Active

Moreover, Liker Social, a microblog where Liker is very active, has become the second highest instance under the Mastodon official server recently. Liker has now integrated with the feature that allows users to publish their toots as NFTs, also known as tweets in the microblog world. If you are an active Liker Social user, you are encouraged to try out this feature.

Web3Press to suit WordPress community’s needs

Web3Press to suit WordPress community's needs

Furthermore, a rebranding of the WordPress plugin has occurred, and it is now called Web3Press. It is the only Web3 related plugin that serves the WordPress community. During the full week in Thailand at the end of February, the plugin generated a lot of interest among the WordPress community. If you are a WordPress user and have not yet checked it out, it is highly recommended that you do so. The rebranding will result in a spin-off product, which will cater to the WordPress community’s specific needs.

Marketing SubDAO Updates with depth of data to enhance Twitter performance

Moving on to Twitter, Tiarnan has provided an overview of the data obtained from the platform, such as impressions, engagement, and engagement rate, before and after engagement. This data will be updated regularly to provide transparency to users.

The team has also noticed a shift towards use-case based NFTs, and Web3Press is perfectly placed to address this trend. Old-era NFT projects are dying, and use-case NFTs are taking their place. Starbucks and Nike have adopted this approach, and narrative-based investors are bullish on this trend. Web3Press caters to the Creator economy and solopreneur trends, making it an excellent fit for the market’s needs.

However, there are some challenges that the LikeCoin team has identified. LikeCoin is segmented into Chinese and English language audiences, making it challenging for the English language side to keep up with the Chinese side’s activities. Validator feedback highlighted this issue during the proposal for the osmosis external incentives. LikeCoin’s call to action is also unclear, making it difficult for users to know how to participate. The team is proposing to split the call to action into different product offerings, with Web3Press being the main focus.

Community Delegation Committee Updates with the current figures

Their report can be found in CDC Progress Update 2023.03.06, basically half of the funds from the old CDC multisig wallet has been transferred to the new CDC multisig wallet, and they completed the Round 18 (Feb) delegation process.

Discussion about External incentive for Osmosis

Lastly, there will be a discussion in a month or so regarding the external incentive for Osmosis. The proposal will aim to make it more appealing to those who provide liquidity.