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Get ready: Decentralized Publishing is coming on Aug 18

Table of Contents

The biggest upgrade of the LikeCoin chain is going live tomorrow! New features include ISCN (metadata registry) and Cosmos Stargate with IBC (cross-chain transactions) will come to reality.

LikeCoin is anticipating a major chain upgrade event tomorrow. All LikeCoin validators will gather and upgrade the LikeCoin Mainnet to FoTan. The LikeCoin chain service will be suspended during the upgrade process and will resume after the upgrade is completed.

FoTan upgrade will improve major areas of LikeCoin:

  1. ISCN: Officially become a native module on the LikeCoin chain, making the LikeCoin chain an application-specific blockchain focused on serving content and publishing.
  2. Supports IBC (Inter Blockchain Communication): Open up opportunities on decentralized exchanges (DEX) and wallets in the Cosmos ecosystem.
  3. Direct Democracy: Individuals can bypass validators to propose and vote on the LikeCoin governance directly.

ISCN: Bringing NFT to publishing

Content creators can register a unique content ID for their work, which records the metadata, including the author, timestamp, terms of use, description, file location, etc. It functions like an NFT that records the metadata of the content. We believe that ISCN will provide a solid foundation to implement NFT for content publishers, open up secondary market opportunities, compounding values, and multimedia possibilities. Decentralized Publishing holds a lot of potential and significance for the publishing industry, both practically and creatively.

We strongly believe that #DePub will bring revolutionary changes to human civilization. If Decentralized Finance (#DeFi) decentralizes money then Decentralized Publishing (#DePub) decentralizes content and truth.

LikeCoin is a publishing infrastructure. The core function of LIKE tokens will facilitate the registration of ISCN. Thus, LikeCoin will help preserve valuable content and history. LikeCoin decentralizes the registration and distribution of content, in other words, democratizing publishing.

Join the FoTan upgrade web conference

Date: Wednesday, Aug 18, 2021

Time: 19:45 GMT+8


To learn more about ISCN and Decentralized Publishing, please refer to the FoTan upgrade overview, FAQ, and our blog.

Questions? You can always find us on Discord. 🙂

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