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LikeCoin Monthly, Sept 2018

Table of Contents

Following 4 Reinventing the Like beta campaigns in 3 months and the development of the back-end infrastructure, the LikeCoin movement is quietly getting ready for mass adoption in 2019.

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1. Business Development

While not happened in Sept, we can't wait to announce LikeCoin Foundation has closed an investment from Animoca Brands, a renowned blockchain game developer listed in Australia. The detailed announcement can be found here. 

“Reinventing the Like” Campaigns

Following 3 “Reinventing the Like” campaign from July to August, the Foundation has organized beta 3 campaign in Sept, lasting for 4 weeks this time.

From beta to beta 3, not only is the level of participation of Likers gets deeper and deeper in each campaign, the supported platform also broadens from solely Medium in July to over 200 websites in Sept. Other dimensions such as number of participants, contents and rewards have all increased over the 3 month period.

LikeCoin Monthly, Sept 2018 renovated

Even since we kicked off the LikeCoin movement, we have spent a lot of time to explain what blockchain is and how LikeCoin works for a whole year. While we think it was all worthwhile, we believe it is now time to move on to the next stage and focus on realizing the use case and internalize the technology.

In fact, we believe the best user experience can only be achieved when people are enjoying the benefits of new technologies without having to learn how it works — unless they are interested to. This is exactly the principle we held when designing our new homepage. People consume contents. They like the contents they appreciate. The creators receive rewards. That’s all users have to know.

LikeCoin Monthly, Sept 2018

In other to achieve this simplicity, however, a lot has to be done underneath. We shall talk more about it in the technical section.


Knowing some Taiwan users faced difficulties in approval from Liquid — the exchange where LIKE is primarily listed — we have liaised with Liquid to simplify the KYC (know-your-customer) procedures, especially for Taiwan citizens. In case you are still facing difficulty in approving your account, please do contact us for assistance. Providing a smooth and pleasant experience to our users is a top priority for us.

2. Research and Development


LikeChain, the core of LikeCoin ecosystem in future stage, has entered internal review stage.

The internal preview version of LikeChain includes simple yet fundamental features such as registration, transfer, deposit and withdrawal. We have invited a few key partners to run the initial nodes of LikeChain internal preview versions. If you are interested to be among the first in the world to experiment with LikeChain, just drop us a line.

LikeChain utilizes Tendermint as a consensus engine to achieve Byzantine-fault Tolerance and is written in Go. Like other components of LikeCoin, LikeChain is completely open-source. Do check out LikeChain on Github to learn about how it works if you are a developer.

LikeCoin WordPress plugin 1.1.4

With 200+ websites enabled their LikeButton, we are receiving valuable feedbacks from the community and accordingly updated LikeCoin WordPress plugin to v1.1.4, which includes support of lower PHP versions, settings of appearance and other features.

LikeCoin WordPress plugin 1.1.4:

Something is quietly happening underneath…

However hard we have been working to provide a great user experience, many blockchain newbies still found it hard to set up their wallets. We listened to our community carefully as always and are re-designing the whole progress from the ground up. We strike to make LikeCoin as easy to use as, if not even easier than, other modern Internet services.

In two months, recommending LikeCoin to your friends and have them register a LikeCoin ID will take no more than a minute. Please stay tuned.

3. Community and others


LikeCoin’s beloved supporters have organized 2 local meetup groups in Hong Kong and Taipei. The meetup groups were formed in Sept and have organized their first events earlier this month. If you have missed the first event, it’s never too late to join the groups and stayed connected with the community.

LikeCoin | Meetup Pro – Reinventing the LikeLike

Events, interviews and articles

  • Co-organised WordPress Meetup Hong Kong group the Sept meetup, and discussed the topic “Reinventing the Like” to introduce LikeCoin WordPress plugin and ecosystem.
LikeCoin Monthly, Sept 2018
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