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illustBuy – The NFT marketplace for illustration

Table of Contents

LikeCoin operates within an open ecosystem that offers various open-source tools, welcoming individuals and platforms to integrate and create suitable business models for different creative communities.

Although Writing NFT primarily serves text creation, its application is not limited to this purpose. Recently, a compelling case emerged where illustBuy, a platform dedicated to illustration, integrated Writing NFT’s open-source tools. This integration provided illustrators with an additional revenue stream, allowing them to sell their artwork directly to supporters as NFTs.

NFT Marketplace for Illustration

illustBuy is an online creative platform that connects artists with society. We firmly believe that artists are a respectable profession, and like any other profession, their efforts should be rewarded.


Like LikeCoin, illustBuy also values the worth of creativity. Previously, artists could sell their image files directly to users for download after uploading their artwork to illustBuy. However, with the integration of NFTs, artists can now issue their artwork as NFTs for purchase by supporters. The best product an artist can offer is their artwork itself.

illustBuy NFT

illustBuy offers a range of unique features for NFT issuance:

  • Automated pricing ensures creators don’t have to worry about setting prices, while prices increase the longer fans wait to purchase, creating a sense of urgency.
  • Through on-chain records, creators can interact with fans and build communities, such as by gifting congratulatory NFTs to those who have previously purchased.
  • Secondary market support ensures creators receive a share of every sale, creating long-term passive income.
  • Liker Land offers promotion channels outside of illustBuy, expanding the potential audience of supporters.

Profit-Sharing to Platform for Mutual Prosperity

Through this classic e-commerce model, platforms earn a commission of 5% on NFTs issued through illustBuy. Sharing settings are established through the LikeCoin chain‘s International Standard Content Number (ISCN) protocol, which only creators can modify. illustBuy provides NFT creation tools and a marketplace for exposure and transactions, earning a commission on each sale.

Any content platform integrating LikeCoin’s NFT open-source tools can establish commission-sharing settings similarly. However, unlike traditional models, the entire process occurs through Web3 technology, utilizing NFTs as goods, wallet addresses as identities, on-chain protocols for sharing, and cryptocurrency for transactions. Web3 is the future standard of the Internet.

How to mint NFT on illustBuy (Cantonese)

Room of Depression Kickstarter Gift

Allow us to present an enchanting example of Writing NFT: the desktop game Room of Depression is currently being crowdfunded on Kickstarter. For every donation of HKD 200 or more, a commemorative Room of Depression NFT shall be rewarded. This illustrious NFT shall be created and issued on the illustBuy platform. We encourage everyone to contribute and join us in our endeavor.

The crowdfunding ends on February 14 at 9:34 am (Hong Kong time).

《Room of Depression》 is Produced by firepillar2 team The Scorpion Fire, this name comes from “Night on the Galactic Railroad”, which means to illuminate others with the burning pain of us. Thank you for joining us to raise awareness of depression, and this is the first step. We hope you will remember what you have done after 10 years, when you look into your wallet. Our wish is this NFT reminds you of your kindness.

simonbut – Fire Pillar
Room of Depression demo video