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LikeCoin Semi-monthly Progress Update 2020.11.23

Table of Contents

Inflation raised to 2% with the passing of proposal #5. Civic Liker upgrade approaching.

Edmond (Operations & Marketing)

Statistics‌ and Insights

  • Page views of the soft launched portfolio page: 1559, unique creators page visited: 615
  • Last 30 days 881 new Liker ID registered from unknown channel, which make up 46.32% of registrations from non-Media platforms, 28.28% of total registrations. Suggests to get a better idea about these channels and work on it.
  • Conversion rate of /civic page last week: 2%.
  • New app download (bi-weekly): 421, app WAU last week: 917 (+6.9%), number of Content Jockeys last week: 244 (+11.4%)
  • Civic Liker total: 1737; 25 new registrations in last two weeks.

Previous period

  • Finished the promotion sales kit for Civic Liker 2.0
  • Finished optimisation of current two Google Ad campaigns. Current monthly expenditure USD 534, covered by Google Ad grant
  • Portfolio page launch promotion, with newsletter and social posts
  • Worked on product text, review the design of sales funnel for Civic Liker 2.0 UI, including creators page design and email reports
  • Meetings with Matters and HKCNews for project updates
  • Follow up LikeCoin trademark application (US)
  • Reached a few creators for Civic Liker 2.0, collected feedbacks
  • Social media (executed by community helper Daisy): Facebook engagement rate was 5% for the last two week post reach was 901. Kin’s photo post with record high 2,325 post reach and 8% engagement.


  • Testing on Civic Liker 2.0
  • Reaching out to creators for Civic Liker 2.0
  • Project updates to Media partners (StandNews, InMedia, Vocus, Timelog)
  • Pre-launch promotion for Civic Liker 2.0

Chung (Blockchain developer)

LikeCoin chain statistics‌

(Difference from 2020.11.09)

LikeCoin Semi-monthly Progress Update 2020.11.23
LikeCoin Semi-monthly Progress Update 2020.11.23
LikeCoin Semi-monthly Progress Update 2020.11.23
  • Keep working on LikeCoin chain ISCN module, mainly focus on compatibility with Cosmos SDK upgrade


  • Work on ISCN module functionalities

William (Full Stack Developer)‌

  • Completed new Civic Liker PoC UI on Liker Land, demo-ed to team for feedback.
  • Mitigated a bug which made front page empty for guest. It was caused by update. Before a fix is done on their side, we currently fill the index with feeds from the default follow Liker IDs if the feed is empty.
  • Debug strange Liker Land cookie behaviour on iOS14. Discovered it was an expected privacy feature in new iOS. David temporarily rolled back xcode version before we have time for a proper UI redesign.
  • Integrate Stripe connect API as an optional feature to new civic liker API.
  • Migrated analytics library from analytics.js to gtag.js.
  • Fixed an issue caused by wrongly omitting gas price when calculating Civic Liker LIKE per like. Added a lower bound of 0.1 LIKE balance for LIKE sending to be triggered.
  • Added filter query string param for Super Like API, used in portfolio page.


  • Continue to work on new Civic Liker API and Stripe Connect integration testing.
  • Clarify subscription update and cancel behavior when multiple users are involved. It was found that the current behavior under development is very unintuitive.
  • Work on email list feature for the author to communicate with their Civic Liker supporter.
  • Discuss plan if ISCN integration in LikeCoin WordPress plugin.

​​David Ng (Frontend Developer)‌

  • Fixed unable to interact with the LikeCoin button on the app caused by iOS 14 restriction, the new iOS app version 0.20.3 was released on 10/11.
  • Fixed some minor issues, and released the new portfolio page. The link to a liker’s portfolio is[Liker ID].
  • Updated LikeCoin button along with the new CTA button and a link to the new portfolio page.
  • Implemented new Civic Liker related UI components with Storybook.js


  • Continue to implement the remaining UI of Civic Liker 2.0
  • Consolidate with the team about the final flow of Civic Liker 2.0 entry for beta testing

JoshKIU (UX Designer)

  • Completed UI design, with flowchart and remake, of Civic Liker subscription, settings and cancelling
  • Gathered requirement for the creator page
  • Updated the facebook banner in correspond to fake facebook pages
  • Reviewed and made suggestion to the Stand News new UI. Returned feedback was positive


  • Will design the creator page revamp
  • Will design the Civic Liker supporting email
  • Will follow up on the production of the completed UI

Phoebe (Business Development)‌

  • Followed up with Matters on ISCN integration in 2021 Q1
  • Discussed Liker Land with HKU journalism school
  • Submitted to Boost VC Tribe 15 Accelerator Program


  • Join AppWorks Fundraising Bootcamp on 2020.11.24
  • Shall apply to Stanford Bases Challenge
  • Prepare for Nov newsletter

‌ckxpress (Civic Liker)

On governance

  • Proposal #5 was passed on 2020.11.10 and inflation of LIKE was raised to 2% since then.
  • Delegation percentage with respect to migrated LIKE goes back up to 57.76% in 2 weeks. Still not reaching a level secure enough (67%), however.
  • Community member raised a radical suggestion to inflate LikeCoin by 100% and increase tax rate. The community is in discussion on the plan.

激進的 LikeCoin 提議 – Forbole (@forbole)

激進的 LikeCoin 提議的激進補充及修正 – Terence (@terence)

On evangelism and others

LikeCoin Semi-monthly Progress Update 2020.11.23
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LikeCoin Semi-monthly Progress Update 2020.11.23
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