LikeCoin chain Chungking upgrade and Keplr native support - LikeCoin Community Call Minutes #202306

Table of Contents

LikeCoin chain Chungking upgrade and Keplr native support – LikeCoin Community Call Minutes #202306

Table of Contents

LikeCoin Network Statistic Overview

In the LikeCoin ecosystem, there are several significant developments taking place. Let’s quickly go through them. First and foremost, the Liker Land team has prepared a network statistic overview that provides valuable insights into the ecosystem’s progress. It allows users to examine not only specific applications but also the infrastructure level and overall performance.

The Liker Land team plans to incorporate this network statistic more frequently into the monthly English newsletter, which covers various aspects of LikeCoin. This will give the user base a comprehensive understanding of the platform’s steady growth on a monthly basis. Additionally, the team will review the data statistics and their collection methods. For instance, the media sites mentioned in the overview derive from the LikeCoin button, regardless of whether it’s version one or the latest version with Writing NFTs. These buttons have been integrated into numerous blogging platforms, including WordPress, Medium, and Pixnet. The team are actively streamlining their efforts and identifying active users who utilize the LikeCoin button widget, enabling the team to enhance their services accordingly.

Multiple Batch Uploaders for ISCN Registation

Furthermore, multiple batch uploaders have been operating in the background during ISCN registration. Various partners utilize the ISCN tool to register their content. Project Starling, for instance, intermittently employs ISCN batch uploaders for their investigation reports in bulk. Consequently, the number of registrations has been increasing on a month-to-month basis. These interesting applications and users contribute to the dynamic nature of the LikeCoin ecosystem, even though their activities may not always be highly visible.

Governance proposals worth to review

Last month, the Liker Land team successfully passed three proposals related to governance. The focal point for today’s discussion will be the LikeCoin chain upgrade, and there also had two proposals concerning the registration fee of ISCN and NFTs on the Chain. Additionally, we currently have two ongoing incentives on Osmosis, which are definitely worth checking out.

NFT eBookstore Front on Liker Land

NFT eBookstore Front on Liker Land

Continuing with updates from the Liker Land team from last month, they launched their first major partnership with nowhere Book Publishing to introduce a featured NFT eBook by a Hong Kong novelist. There have been several advancements in the NFT eBook’s progress. If you visit Liker.Land recently, you will notice an improved display showcasing the latest NFT eBooks published through LikeCoin. This enhancement demonstrates the commitment to highlighting both NFT eBooks and Writing NFTs within the network, ensuring that users can easily explore and appreciate the collections available.

Simultaneously, the Liker Land team is working on improving the customer onboarding flow. Some of you might have noticed the temporary removal of card payment support due to ongoing maintenance. However, they anticipate that card payment functionality will be restored by June.

LikeCoin chain Chungking upgrade

Additionally, the team has been actively engaged in the LikeCoin chain upgrade on June 5 evening, codenamed “ChungKing.” The name is derived from a symbolic building in Hong Kong and also draws inspiration from the film “Chungking Express” directed by a prominent Hong Kong filmmaker. Liker Land team encourage you to explore further details on this upgrade through their blog post, as it provides valuable insights. The primary focus of this upgrade will be the adoption of the latest Cosmo SDK versions, along with various miscellaneous changes. They express their gratitude in advance to the validators who will contribute to making this upgrade a success.

In the upcoming chain upgrade, the Liker Land team is pleased to inform you that the process will be conducted through Cosmovisor. This implementation ensures a smoother and more automated upgrade experience for users who already have the latest Cosmovisor version enabled, will anticipate a seamless evening for the chain upgrade, thanks to this advancement. Mainnet validators should have selected the correct role in the chat or channel. Once selected, they will have access to the mainnet validator channel.

Keplr wallet native support LikeCoin chain

Keplr wallet native support LikeCoin chain

Exciting news awaits the Liker Land team as they have been collaborating with the Keplr team to establish native support for LikeCoin. This integration is expected to be implemented within the next two weeks, bringing improvements to the user onboarding flow and creating a more seamless wallet experience for their users. They are thrilled about this development and look forward to its arrival. Please stay tuned and make sure to share your enthusiasm for these integrations with the Keplr team.

Liker Social launched NFT eBookstore

Would also like to highlight that Liker Social has already implemented support for Writing NFTs and has launched an NFT eBookstore feature on their platform. Explore this feature further and consider using it for your tweets with Writing NFTs. It provides a convenient option for minting Writing NFTs directly through Liker Social. Feel free to check it out and engage with this exciting addition.

Gas Fee for Transactions

kin had a question on the meeting: “Could we have a statistic on how much LikeCoin is used as a gas fee for transactions, ISCN registrations, and NFT minting?”

Indeed, that’s an excellent suggestion. The Liker Land team is currently working on gathering network statistics to provide better updates to the community and the public regarding the performance of the LikeCoin network, including token usage and other relevant metrics. Including the amount of LikeCoin used as gas fees for transactions, ISCN registrations, and NFT minting is an important statistic to include. The team will work on how the data can be obtained. It should be relatively easy to acquire, and will be a valuable addition to the reports.