Chungking Upgrade

Table of Contents

LikeCoin Chain Upgrade – ChungKing

Table of Contents

ChungKing is the fourth major upgrade of the LikeCoin chain. The codename ChungKing is inspired by the Hong Kong film Chungking Express and the iconic ChungKing mansion, one of the defining works of 1990s cinema and the film that made Wong Kar Wai an instant icon. The film reflected Hong Kong’s identity of becoming in the colonial era. During that period, Hong Kong was influenced by Western culture and started to construct its own cultural identity.

What is included in the ChungKing upgrade?

Cosmos SDK Upgrade

We will be upgrading to Cosmos-SDK 0.46, which contains x/nft (which we already back-ported to SDK 0.45 in the last version) and x/group module. Also, ledger support for authz module is re-introduced. We will also be upgrading to IBC-go 5.3.1, which is the supported version containing a security fix for Huckleberry.

Fee grant and authz support

We have to implement fee grant and authz support for ISCN and x/likenft modules, enabling better onboarding and minting UX for users and more possibility for dApp use cases.

Miscellaneous update

A new flag, full_pay_to_royalty is added to NFT sale-related events, which allows the seller to optionally send all revenue to stakeholders listed in the NFT’s royalty config.

ISCN ID can now be calculated deterministically, which allows messages that require ISCN ID as a parameter to be batched together with the ISCN creation message in one transaction.

Getting prepared for the upgrade

No state migration is expected for this upgrade. However, all nodes are still recommended to have at least 16GB of memory. Not enough memory would result in corrupted data during the upgrade.

Node operators are advised to use Cosmovisor. Please refer to the following guides for the setup and upgrade procedure.

Technical docs:


Details of upgrade time

The proposal targets the upgrade proposal block to be 9419200, anticipated to be at June 5th, around UTC 11:00 AM. Note that block times have high variance, so keep monitoring the time.

The upgrade is anticipated to take less than 60 minutes. During that time, there will not be any on-chain activity on the network.
In the event of an issue at upgrade time, we should coordinate via the validators channel in Discord. Please make sure you have the setup ready before the upgrade time. You can find help in our Discord #mainnet-validator channel.

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