laichikok chain update

Table of Contents

LikeCoin chain upgrade, LaiChiKok Overview

Table of Contents

LaiChiKok is the second upgrade to the LikeCoin chain. We are upgrading LikeCoin to enhance chain efficiency, including upgrading the Cosmos-SDK version to 0.44.8 and ibc-go to 2.1.0 and supporting “like” wallet prefix.

Validators, please join the Discord #mainnet-validator channel for coordination. Read the full technical document here.
LikeCoin chain upgrade, LaiChiKok Overview

What’s included in LaiChiKok upgrade?

  1. Migrate to “like” wallet prefix —  We are migrating ‘cosmos’ prefix to ‘like’ prefix to allow easier integration and identification of our chain in the ibc ecosystem. All chain store data, except static transaction data, would be migrated to ‘like’ prefix. Signature signed by ‘cosmos’ address will still be supported by ante handler. However, ‘like’ would be the default prefix after the upgrade. DApp and exchanges should note that to check for historical transactions, both prefixes should be queried until we completely deprecate the ‘cosmos’ prefix in the future.
  2. Cosmos-SDK 0.44.8 — chain performance improvement
  3. Upgrade ibc-go to 2.1.0 — Catch up on modern ibc lib, and allow us to support interchain accounts in the future
  4. Add authz and feegrant module —  allow others to pay tx fee
  5. Deprecation of legacy restful API

Getting prepared for the upgrade

The system resources required during the upgrade will be higher than normal operation for data migration tasks.

  • 8 CPU Cores
  • 64GB RAM + 32GB Swap
  • 500GB+ SSD

All nodes will require 64GB of memory. This must consist of a minimum of 32GB of RAM, while the remaining 32GB can be swapped. For best results, use 64GB of physical memory.

Upgrading with Cosmovisor

Operators should migrate to host their node with Cosmovisor beforehand to support the automatic upgrade. Please refer to the following guides for the setup and upgrade procedure.

How to Setup a node (mainnet / public testnet)
LaiChiKok upgrade

Upgrade time

The proposal targets the upgrade proposal block to be 3,692,800, anticipated on May 4th, around UTC 11:00 AM. Note that block times have high variance, so keep monitoring the time. Please make sure you have the setup ready before the upgrade time and join the Discord #mainnet-validator channel for coordination.

The upgrade is anticipated to take approx. 2 hours. Note that there will not be any on-chain activity on the network during the upgrade.

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