Table of Contents

LikeCoin Community Call #202104 Minutes

Table of Contents

LikeCoin chain key numbers update, LikeCoin chain upgrade is coming up and sneak peek of the ISCN front-end.

Date & Time:

  • 2021.04.12 (Mon) 1030–1100 GMT / 1820–1900 (GMT +8)

1. Liker Land work team update

Phoebe (00′:04″) Introduce new Liker Land members Wei and Shelly.

Chung (02′:05″) LikeCoin chain key numbers update

LikeCoin Community Call #202104 Minutes
  • Maximum numbers of validators was 25, and proposal 11 passed so the upper limit of validators is 50 and we can have more active validators for the LikeCoin chain.
  • After the previous community, token has been stake to some validators from the ecosystem pool, staking ratio has increased to around 2/3 of the total supply, which is 68.57%.
  • Number of transactions is reaching one million, the current number (during the meeting) is 993,781.
  • Number of accounts and migration tokens also statically increased.

2. LikeCoin chain upgrade update

Phoebe (04′:27″) The next LikeCoin chain will be named after FoTan, which is LikeCoin’s old office in Hong Kong as well as the Carbon Valley in Hong Kong.

Chung (05′:22″) Update on what is happening on the next upgrade:

  • One of the major features of Fotan is the upgrade of the underlying Cosmos SDK version to 0.42 (while the Cosmos SDK is continuously upgrading), which is also the version of Cosmos Hub mainnet Stargate is using. In this SDK version the underlying architecture has been changed. GRPC and Protobuf introduced for efficiency so the chain can work faster and process more transactions per second. It also brings the upgrade module which allows more fluent chain upgrades in the future. Most of the chain upgrade will be controlled by proposals without holding the chain, but for the Sheung Wan to Fotan upgrade, the chain still has to be holded and the validators will need to have a meeting together for the upgrade.
  • The Foton upgrade will also bring the ISCN module, currently the development of the major parts have been finished but more testing is needed on local network and debugging and some minor fixes on some details. More time required to develop the IPFS plugin. The ISCN module allows the LikeCoin chain to turn to a content database so that metadata can be registered on the LikeCoin chain. It is also possible to use it to interact with the current NFT marketplace for registration and functionalities.
  • IBC module will also be included in the Foton upgrade although it will not be enabled at the first place due to the fact that more testing has to be done. IBC is an Inter Blockchain communication module which allows communications with other chains mainly the other Cosmos SDK based chain e.g. interacting with a decentralized exchange for token swaps and also other device stuffs. It also enables us to interact with star nameservices to register names on it.

Phoebe (9′:36″) Will release the timeline once the local testing has been done.

3. ISCN product status

Phoebe (9′:54″) Key visuals and messages of ISCN were being shared.

LikeCoin Community Call #202104 Minutes
  • ISCN is an open standard for content publishing, it is also a public specification where you can use this for publishing on various kinds of content and it is also meant to be an open source code where we can work with other existing standards as well.
  • Liker Land team helps to build a community around it, create prototypes as well as doing advocacy of the projects. Liker Land is just one of the team contributing to the deeper infrastructure. For those who are validators as well as developers like guanyun are building on top of LikeCoin are definitely part of the working team contributing to depub.
  • Phoebe’s work is to populate different working teams that contribute to the depub ecosystem as well as the ISCN projects.

Phoebe (11′:44″) Spoiler alert of the current development front-end user phase of ISCN.

LikeCoin Community Call #202104 Minutes
  • Shelly works on the interface and William to make sure that the back end works. Transaction page of ISCN has been demoed. It is still under testing environment: once you register with ISCN, there will be content fingerprint, related tags, related licensing and rights on one pop-up page and you can also click to view the raw transaction from the block explorer. It is how the ISCN registration process works. In the future there will be an ISCN badge to show the ISCN hash of that particular content and for users to know that the content is registered on ISCN and will also link back to the data of the registration.

4. Wallet Integration

  • Phoebe (13′:43″) LikeCoin is trying to integrate with two major Cosmos wallet: Keplr and Cosmostation.
  • William (14′:12″) Lunie app that was setup for the Sheung Wan chain. When we were trying to integrate with the Kepler wallet and they suggested we just use this which is like a chain explorer for Cosmos SDK chains and we actually have to make some modifications for our LikeCoin chain so you can look at all the interesting stuff in our chain. We are interested to have some of our validators or developers in the LikeCoin ecosystem to help develop this Lunie-light chain explorer, or develop some LikeCoin chain specific features for example integrating with Authcore. When the developer grant is ready, funds can be granted for the developer to develop another chain explorer apart from the BigDipper that we are currently using. Lunie-light is an open source chain explorer and everyone can run their own fork or upstream and contribute to nuni or tenderman.

5. Development Grant

  • Phoebe (15′:59″) jiahe was not in the meeting so Kin helped to update.
  • Kin (16′:21″) jiahe is the community participant who’s driving the draft of the grant. The draft of the grant is not confirmed and has laid down a skeleton of the grant. Some of the points are: there will be a 20 million LIKE as a start, half of which is contributed by LikeCoin Foundation and half of it is generously contributed by Matters Lab so there will be our 20 million to start with and it covers not only development but also like community running so contributions like the friends here have been doing such as running a Discord or probably running the LikeCoin chain explorer things like that can also apply for the grant. jiahe mentioned that he’s finalizing the terms and should have a finalized version and then one of the validators can raise a proposal to have the grant draft past it and we can have it kicked off.
  • Follow up the Lunie-light block explorer. Liker Land has no intention to run a separate blockchain explorer other than BigDipper. It’s up to whoever validator who wants to run the blockchain explorer. Askender has done that but not sure if he is going to do that in the long run or is it just a test run so no traffic has been driven to his site. Encourage any validator if they want to run a LikeCoin explorer for good and register a fixed domain name so that users can be driven to such a site then they can apply for a developer grant.

6. AOB — NFT

  • Phoebe (21′:40″) Some of you may aware NFT is a rising topic recently and it is also something related to LikeCoin as ISCN would be one of the content authenticity provider in the space which means it could be one of the puzzle in current NFT space during NFT, which mean you might need to register your content in a trustworthy content authenticity database so LikeCoin do have the discussion with different media partners about how we can help them to participate in the NFT culture. It could be one of the use cases like the Clement’s project as well as some other images from valuable news landscapes or any other kind of artwork that is currently we saw so that is definitely something we are looking at but we don’t really have any concrete plan to share right now. Just a discussion and brainstorming level so feel free to share if you do have expertise on that end or if you do have any opinion on that we would like to hear that too.

Next community call

  • LikeCoin community call is scheduled on the first Monday every month
  • The next meeting will be held on 2021.05.03 at GMT +8, 1820 in