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LikeCoin Community Call #202107 Minutes

Table of Contents

Preparing for LikeCoin chain upgrade including the Cosmos Stargate, IBC, and ISCN feature.

Date & Time

2021.07.05 (Mon) 1030–1100 GMT / 1820–1900 (GMT +8)

1. Liker Land team quick update

New listing on

  • Phoebe (0:24) New listing on a centralized exchange last week in h, they are also one of our LikeCoin validators. They are interested in getting into the LikeCoin ecosystem. It’s good news for all token holders.

Liker Land app revamped updated

  • (1:26) This is the major revamp to wrap up the Liker Land project for the next quarter before switching the focus to ISCN. New Reading List preview, revamped LikeCoin button UI and the wallet is now in the landing page, check them out in the Liker Land app.
LikeCoin Community Call #202107 Minutes & Docs updated

  • (2:27) Updated especially on developer resources, for both English and Chinese versions. is also updated.

  • (4:07) Manage your LikeCoin with Keplr wallet. It is quite important as in the later development of LikeCoin, users can use it to login their Liker ID or just manage their LikeCoin.

Partnership with Arweave and IPFS

  • (4:59) A lot of people are paying attention to how blockchain can help with publishing. Arweave and IPFS are in touch on the decentralized storage partnership for LikeCoin. ISCN is in two parts: the metadata registry and the storage. Discussion is going on with the two partners to see how the relationships can be tightened and be beneficial to each other.

ISCN app UI preview

  • Joshua (5:56) The ISCN demo site, which is designed to view ISCN and to upload and register ISCN. An ISCN Object is what is being uploaded to the ISCN registry, it basically is an object pointing to a file on IPFS or Arweave no matter if it is a JPG, PNG, MOV, txt, etc. Another important element is metadata, for example timestamp, title, description, etc. An ISCN Object simply is an ID hash pointing back to the file and the metadata. For images it is easy to identify visually, but for text or other formats they cannot be shown and can only be recognized by the ISCN hash. Therefore the ISCN object is made into a card-like design with elements of a QR Code, ISCN ID and Timestamp. Most interestingly is the Algorithmic art to represent the ISCN object, the design is different according to the format of the ISCN object and it is easier for users to recognize them. The algorithm of the art is yet to be developed.
LikeCoin Community Call #202107 Minutes
  • (10:57) ISCN Prototype: Login with Keplr and approve the login, search the ISCN ID and view it. Registering a ISCN is easy, publish to IPFS first and add the metadata. Registering to ISCN requires LikeCoin, approve the request of transaction fee and the ISCN object is published.
  • sixwood (15:07) In what scenario does the ISCN artwork QR Code can be used?
  • Joshua (15:26) Not very sure which scenario will print or will share a physical ISCN Object, perhaps sharing a screen cap. It’s because sometimes people won’t share a like or what, they just screen and share it. Will expect to explore more for what ISCN in what scenario will be used for different things. The advantage of Algorithmic art is explained as well.

LikeCoin chain Key Numbers update

LikeCoin Community Call #202107 Minutes

2. LikeCoin chain upgrade

  • Chung (18:44) The team did internal testing at the end of May but the test failed, finding some critical buggy software and unclear things in the procedure. The bugs were fixed in June and the procedure is being refined for the validator and others to follow. Last week another internal testnet was done and successfully went through the whole procedure, seeing new blocks produced in the new network.
  • (20:17) Went through the Testnet setup guide & upgrade procedure from sheungwan to fotan (alpha v0.1.0)
  • (24:50) The procedure is complicated and issues may happen so real time communication is required during the upgrade, validators can discuss and reflect on any issues that may have on the procedure. Another document will be prepared to explain more on why the procedure or command is required in order to avoid confusion. The testnet setup guide will also be refined. Then the public testnet and initial seed node will be set up and the information will be available on Discord.
  • Rick (27:19) The testnet Taipei will not be available if there is a new testnet?
  • Chung (27:33) After everything is set, we will move on to the new public testnet.
  • Rick (28:11) I am planning to upgrade the OS and the machine and the software all together with the new chain upgrade. Is there a pointer or what kind of data I need to copy over? Or should I sync up the new computer first before the testnet?
  • Chung (29:15) During the whole upgrade procedure will copy the config files, the address book and a few private keys into the node, they will be backed up and reimported to the new chain node. Will export the old chain application state and migrate to the new chain state so the state itself will be a genesis file which is a JSON file. These are the only files needed from the old node. It is possible to copy these files and set up the new machine. However the docker image is also required. There may be chances that the upgrade failed therefore the old chain data is also required in case of fallback.
  • Phoebe (32:20) Recap on next steps: 1. Validators should read the Testnet setup guide & upgrade procedure from sheung wan to fo tan and work on the preparation work; 2. Will release date and time of testnet migration on Discord next week: 3. Will ping every validators
  • Chung (32:56) From the time to host the chain to the time that upgrade can be started is hard to answer. It depends on the validators’ progress. Real Time synchronization is needed and consensus is needed. From the previous test, 8 nodes in testnet required an hour to finish. From Cosmos Hub to Stargate requires more than 8 hours but for the LikeCoin chain may only take a few hours.
  • Haggen (34:51) Our PIC is busy and may not be able to do the migration.
  • Chung (35:40) For public testnet is around mid of July, the mainnet migration will be later than that. If a validator fails to do the migration, his/her validator node will not appear on the new chain and will be considered as downtime during the whole process, and being taken out from the active validator list and jailed.

3. LikeCoin Grants update

  • Kin (38:55) Shared Notion page of the LikeCoin Grants.
    3 more proposals approved last month: #03 — 香港日常圖誌, Hong Kong Daily Snapshot Magazine, #07 — Matters 儀表板 and[#L01 — Like Academy 修訂案(Pilot Project)

Next community call

  • LikeCoin community call is scheduled on the first Monday every month
  • The next meeting will be held on 2021.08.02 (Mon) at GMT +8, 1820 in