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LikeCoin Community Call Minutes #202203

Table of Contents

The raising of subDAO!

Overall statistic of LikeCoin in the past 30 days

LikeCoin Community Call Minutes #202203
  • The expected APR after the implementation of Osmosis proposal 163 just passed. Currently there are two pools on Osmosis, one is 533 LIKE/ATOM and the other one is 555 LIKE/OSMO. The next proposal 164 will make adjustments on the pool matching our external incentives. Prepare some $LIKE for liquidity providing if you would like to participate.
  • The staking ratio is 52.06%, it may be due to the fact that people move their funds around to participate in DEX and also delegate to the Civic Liker node.
  • 18,960 IBC Transfer in the past 30 days. There has been much more in total chain tickets transaction in the past 30 days, there is a bit of gap between IBC Data Transfer and the on-chain data, this should be improved in the future.
  • Total address of the LikeCoin chain is 50,631.
  • 8.6M out of 50M Airdrop claimed, 167 days to go. 19,523 are external claimers who is not from the LikeCoin ecosystem e.g. ATOM or OSMO holders and there are 432 Liker claimers.


  • Phoebe will raise a proposal for a marketing fund to start paying off to Irtysh Digital and other service providers in terms of providing marketing services.
  • LikeCoin Twitter marketing provider Irtysh Digital moved all Twitter monthly reports to depub.SPACE for the public to track their progress. The hash tag are #MarketingSubDAO #IrtyshDigital.
  • Irtysh Digital passed their 6 month engagement period, shared month by month comparison of Twitter and the impression and profile visits have big improvement.
  • Collaboration of the CosmosEcosystem x LikeCoin to capture people who heard about the LikeCoin airdrop but were not eligible. There are approximately 10-15K eligible participants, over hundred thousand people sign up for the campaign so it’s taking quite a long time to sort through the winner list. It was a big success and drove a lot of the follow rate on the LikeCoin Twitter account.
  • Planning to do a $DSM “Reclaim the Web” campaign to increase airdrop awareness while boosting DSM profile creation and depub.SPACE engagement.
  • Summary graphic will be posted on Twitter every Friday to increase engagement, data will include price, market cap, bonded ratio, Gov proposal, DEX status. and also use case of LikeCoin such as wallet addresses, sites, registered contents.
  • There will be a brand ambassador program in the future.
  • #marketing-subdao has their own Discord channel now.

HKU Blockchain Club

  • Martin and Dickson from HKU Blockchain Club, there are 3 teams: research, education and development with a total of around 50 to 60 actively contributing members. They are with LikeCoin now and will post their writing on the depub.SPACE and to try to incorporate LikeCoin in their operation e.g. website.
  • They are studying the LikeCoin structure with their research team on the depth of LikeCoin and the concepts of ISCN. They are also on Facebook, and will post a more thorough research paper to twitter or substack to attract people from outside of the LikeCoin community and will try to engage other university blockchain clubs community. They will reach out and engage with their committees or departments and can organize hackathons to get some more attention.


  • A monthly report of the Tech subDAO is shared, which is the first one.
  • Secured two serious entrepreneurs to be on board: Simon Chan of Firsthand Ventures, he was the founder of PredictionIO which was acquired by SalesForce; an Greg Sung, he was the found of anobii and now the CEO and founder of OneSky
  • Created multisig wallet for the Tech subDAO, two of them are signing and will get transactions passed.
  • Raised proposal 39 to follow up the work from proposal 33 which was to hire OurSky.
  • Raised proposal 40 to get 2 million of LIKE from the community pool to the multisig wallet.
  • Talk to Oursky to cover their service to enhance which has performance issues and lacking features.
  • The subDAO will draft some wanted features and DApps that’s needed desperately by the LikeCoin community and look for vendors to take care of the development.
  • #tech-subdao has their own Discord channel.

#dev – Liker Land update


  • Have Ivan So on board as a consultant to help promote WP plugin, business development and SEO.
  • Improving WordPress 2.5 and a new ISCN widget on for stable release
  • There will be a LIKE neo-iscn widget which is usable for other platforms and will release the documentation soon.


  • Passed Osmosis Proposal 163 to have OSMO match external pool incentives on pool 553, 555. Now it is the Liker Land team to drive listing opportunities and DEX, if there is anyone interested in contributing or an expert on these areas, please raise your hand on Discord.

LikeCoin by Liker Land validator node on Osmosis and Desmos

  • Donated 10% validator node reward in Feb to Ukraine and supported another Civic movement.

Civic Liker Web3


Bug Fix and Integration

  • Fixed airdrop bug and performance issue, should be very smooth now. Report issue on Discord if you have any.
  • Working on LikeCoin chain node RPC/LCD API scaling issue.
  • Numbers protocol integration in progress

LikeCoin chain upgrade

  • Released a binary compatible update with the existing chain, a minor update on the Cosmos SDK and support for cosmosvisor. Cosmosvisor is an update manager so in future chain upgrades won’t need to upgrade their node within the fixed time zone. Validator are encouraged to update the binary and check out the new cosmovisor setup guide.
  • Cosmosvisor should be run natively on linux and will have a docker compatible version for these versions but strongly encourage validators to switch to native linux or roll out your own docker compose in future change upgrade.
  • Will raise a Cosmovisor compatible upgrade proposal at testnet in week 4 of March. Validators who want to test their setup should join back to the testnet.
  • Will raise an upgrade mainnet proposal for the prefix upgrade and the cosmos SDK v0.44. on week 2 of Apr.
  • The main net upgrade of prefix+0.44 should be around week 3 of Apr.

NFT module

  • Draft of NFT module spec in working: [ · GitHub]. The community is free to leave comments or raise concern in the gist.
  • If you are interested in the latest development, you may follow: [GitHub – oursky/likecoin-chain at feat/nft]
  • Aim to have a devote/testnet deployed in W3 of Apr for Dapp developers to work against. However, the timeline can be changed, esp any upstream change, i.e. x/nft and cosmos SDK.

#cdc Community Delegation Committee

  • The funds is around 101,568,234 LIKE in total, compared to last month having 514,637 more LikeCoin rewards claimed, which is around 0.5% in total.
  • Delegated to 16 validators in total and having 14 Normal Delegation and 2 High Delegation.
  • Renewed delegation of validator JohnShao and allocated High Delegation to Liker.Social.

#cfc – Creators Fund Committee

  • Conducted the 3rd meeting on 3 Mar and discussed about the matching strategy to the newly launched Civic Liker Web 3, the stake reward generated for supporting the creators is around 62,500 LIKE per month, 437 Civic Likers has joined, 4.17 million LIKE has been staked to the Civic Liker node.
  • This is a significant drop in reward amount when compared with the old scheme .
  • CFC decided to allocate extra funds besides the budget based on the one-to-one matching principle. Besides matching the 62,500 LIKE, will match 337,000 more LIKE this month to maintain the monthly 400K LIKE budget, which is 13,300 LIKE daily.
  • CFC will review the budget again next month. The extra allocated budget will be lowered as long as the supporter’s donation amount rises.
  • Created a Discord channel under the active working group section to release any updates further from CFC.

Next community call

LikeCoin community call is scheduled on the first Monday every month.

The next meeting will be held on 2022.04.04 (Mon) at 1030 GMT in