Table of Contents

LikeCoin Community Call Minutes #202204

Table of Contents

A busy month in releasing the brand new WordPress Plugin and upgrading LikeCoin chain.

Overall Statistic

  • LIKE yields on Osmosis: Pool 553 LIKE/OSMO 72.67% , Pool 555 ATOM/LIKE APR 123.23%.
  • If you are providing liquidity on Emeris, you might want to remove the liquidity as they are upgrading and migrating to another chain.
  • LikeCoin Airdrop has 141days left, please do your airdrop claim if you haven’t.
  • Gradually growth on active addresses and registered content, also setting increments in active sites that installed LikeCoin buttons.

Product Updates

Product Highlight of this month – WordPress Plugin

  • Version 2.5.2 released last week. Revamped under Gutenberg, which is the editor of WordPress, You can enjoy the DePub feature in WordPress.
  • ISCN x AR widget allows WP users to upload content to Arweave and register content on chain in a very simple flow is also live.
  • Share the experience of using WordPress Plugin in Discord #wordpress channel, report bugs and talk about features that you want to add.

Key dev events

v2.0.0 Upgrade

  • New address prefix, will be migrating to like1 and to SDK 0.44 in the next upgrade.
  • As the testnet-4 was down due to an irrecoverable incident, the testnet upgrade schedule is slightly different as originally planned. Validators who are not familiar with Cosmsvisor are encouraged to rehearse for the upgrade in testnet. More details to follow on the #tech-subdao updates.

NFT Module

  • The NFT module is in active development.
  • A devnet created by Oursky is ready for testing. If you are interested in testing it and providing feedback, or if you have a DApp planning to build on top of the NFT of LikeCoin, please contact @rickmak on Discord to arrange devnet access.
  • depub.SPACE and Liker.Social are going to support NFT features as well.
  • Will start building more awareness of the NFT feature.


  • Proposal 43 passed, 1MM LIKE is in marketing-subdao multisig wallet.
  • The DSM “Reclaim the Web” campaign will be delayed as DSM is undergoing product update.
  • Onboarded cosmos-centric brand ambassadors to help showcase LikeCoin/depub.SPACE. Introducing new Brand Ambassador: @FrauBelz, @eblkronos, @73lV_.
  • Exploring content marketing with Jack (@allies77#531) to provide simple flow for new users to understand the mission and need for decentralized publishing, and the value of LikeCoin brings.
  • Currently content is scattered, causing inefficiency in external proposals (e.g. Osmosis)
  • On the Numbers Capture App testing, more feedback is needed on how they are doing on the app, all new registered users should have some free token for testing, Will also invite Numbers for an AMA later on in this mooth.
  • Arranging another AMA with SCMP regarding the NFT in the decentralized publishing space this month. There will be several community events around discussion of NFT and DePub this month.


  • testnet-4 was accidentally died and testnet-5 is up, will raise a proposal to directly upgrade testnet to V2.0.0. The mainnet upgrade of v2.0.0 should be around the 4th week of April.
  • enhancement fixed the new UI design: view voting situation, view validators voting preference, raise proposal on the platform directly, etc. The platform will be made available to other chains as well.
  • Liker Social upgraded the feature to include NFT registration AKA ISCN. When the NFT module is up, you can publish your TOOT as NFT for sale.
  • Liker Land developed a faucet for onboarding new users, 10,000 LIKE will be provided on board 50,000 new users.
  • Received 2,000,000 LIKE from the Community Pool with proposal #40, all the spending can be found on the public spreadsheet pinned in #tech-subdao channel.
  • Another proposal will be raised for transferring 3,000,000 LIKE from the Community Pool.
  • There is a wanted list of features and DApps on top of LikeCoin, anyone who is interested in developing can get sponsorship from #tech-subdao.
  • NFT module: Cosmos SDK just released beta 1, what we are working on should be compatible with that. The release of the NFT module is planning on the 3rd week of April.


  • Total funding 102,331,213 LIKE with rewards from the last month 850,456 LIKE.
  • One new application, one renewal and one late submission for Round 10.
  • Delegated to 15 validators: 13 Normal Delegation and 2 High Delegation


  • Review the data of Civic Liker in March, although the reward is steadily increasing but the amount is still small, so that daily budget will remain to 13,000 LIKE
  • The committee is exploring alternatives besides LikeCoin button for Creators Fund distribution.