Table of Contents

LikeCoin Community Call Minutes #202206

Table of Contents

Q3 & Q4 Roadmap and the Writing NFT!


Q3 & Q4 Roadmap

Following is the product Roadmap of LikeCoin in upcoming months.

  • The next LikeCoin chain testnet and mainnet upgrade will happen very soon in July, including NFT module that Tech SubDAO has been working hard on.
  • An MVP of writing NFT will be available to the community in Q3
  • There is also a beta version of the DAO tool built by the Oursky team and there is a demo on Youtube. a clickable version will be deployed on staging environment for the community to try out this week.

Writing NFT

It’s been months since LikeCoin started planning on NFT and obviously NFT has taken the industry by storm. The idea of NFT, however, is still young.

The NFT storm brings us some new ideas about digital asset:

  • Monetization of digital artwork
  • Content ownership
  • Community building around asset collection

Most people buy NFT because of its investment value e.g. gaming and trading market. NFT market starts at an investment angle instead of what NFT is about. The current set of NFT market is not good for everyone, especially if you are a blogger, as it focuses on mostly rare expensive NFT modules, the business model, marketplace, minting and marketing strategy that is involved isn’t really for media or writers at all.

Two basic issues that Writing NFT should target, from writer’s prospective:

  • How much should I price an NFT?
  • How many should I mint for this particular article that I wrote?

Dynamic Pricing will let the market define them.

Dynamic Pricing

LikeCoin Community Call Minutes #202206

The NFT widget embedded in a piece of writing can let reader to collect the work’s first NFT with a base price. All works share the same default base price upon publishing. Authors do not need to worry about how to price an article.

Every transaction of NFT collection drives the marked price higher automatically (rate of increase is yet to be confirmed), so the earlier to purchase the NFT, the better price one can get. As time goes by the price of NFT will rise along with the demand.

If someone release a Writing NFT to the secondary market, a buyer can collect the NFT from the widget with the lowest marked price directly, no bidding process.

In a nutshell, the Dynamic Pricing encapsulates writers from the hurdles of setting quantity and price. Writers write as usual and the works are put on-shelf automatically; readers read as usual and collect a Writing NFT when they feel alright about the marked price.

Mini Marketplace

LikeCoin Community Call Minutes #202206

NFT widget is a mini-marketplace embedded in each article. Articles on websites such as WordPress sites can show the NFT widget automatically, so writers can sell as they write. The old version LikeCoin button will be upgrade to NFT widget. Readers can collect NFT of the articles at the widget, and also give “Likes” to reward the creator. Readers no longer need to visit centralized marketplace to collect NFTs, but just collect as they read.

NFT Portal

If the publishing platform does not support LikeCoin NFT widget, creators can paste the URL of the work to the NFT Portal website to mint NFT there. The NFT minted will be listed in the NFT Portfolio page under the writers account, and let readers collecting there.

NFT Portfolio

LikeCoin Community Call Minutes #202206

Readers can check their Writing NFT collection, and Writers can list their NFT for sale with marked price in the NFT Portfolio website.

The “Collection of NFTs” feature is under design and not available yet shortly, but in blueprint.


Other updates

  • Liker Land web app and Liker Land app Super Like feature will be migrating in the coming days.
  • Will Remove Reader view from the web app
  • Matters is working on the integration of ISCN, it will be easier for Matters users to mint NFT of their articles once they are on the LikeCoin chain.
  • Community Delegation Committee reminds validators applicants to maintain online and respond to reminders in order to keep the delegation from the community.
  • Marketing subDAO on board a new community manager from Blockbuster, his name is Conan and he will be helping a lot in terms of arranging AMA with other communities and also spreading efforts in our Discord management.
  • The remaining year will be focused on writing NFT, any collaboration is welcomed.
  • Chain upgrade: Release the StarFerry upgrade by the end of July. The code will be finished in mid-June.
  • Update from Tech SubDao: Tech subdao progress update 2022.06.06
  • Update from Community Delegation Committee: CDC Progress Update 2022.06.06