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LikeCoin Community Call Minutes #202208

Table of Contents

Writing NFT Campaign page is on!


Writing NFT

Writing NFT main features are now live on the campaign page released today. The 1st Writing NFT is ready for collection on the campaign page. What is it about Writing NFT and what are the features that you will be seeing in the following months.

  1. The “Collect” function – has been added to the LikeCoin button design, it is a widget for creators to embed to their website. When they publish their article they can actually publish it as the Writing NFT on the LikeCoin. The storage will be taken care of as well.
  2. Collect as you read feature – readers can collect article NFT when they visit the creators’ site within the same widget.
  3. Publish any webpage as NFT – For creators not using WordPress, they can go to NFT Portal and simply input an URL and mint as NFT.
  4. Dynamic pricing module – Every writer can get rid of sales hurdles, they don’t have to worry about how much you need to set for your writing, but it will be a base price 8 LIKE and increase after certain sales have been made.

Feature 1 and 2 are available in the Writing NFT Campaign page Beta version, demonstrating the genesis idea of decentralized publishing and how it is from digital native to NFT naive to decentralized publishing. A lot more features will be coming in the coming months., Including all the social graph actions where you can transfer Writing NFT. In the coming weeks will line up with more pre-listed writers to sell their Writing NFT. Creators can fill in the whitelist and leverage the campaign page to promote your article now.

A demo of the Writing NFT Campaign page has been conducted. Transferring NFT to another wallet is work in progress. The feature does not support ledger at this moment and will take more time to develop but it is possible to support.

DAO tools demo by Oursky

  • Demo URL
  • Everyone can raise a proposal with the web UI, without the need of using the command line.
  • Encourage more interaction with the validator, users can add reaction to proposals.

Feedback to the tools can be given via the GitHub repo.

Tech SubDAO Updates

Monthly updates from Tech SubDAO are available. The US$20,000 account payable to Oursky will be settled by proposal 53. Induce the pressure generated to the funds and token price, the Tech SubDAO will take a pause.