LikeCoin Community Call Minutes #202212

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Highlights of what LikeCoin did in 2022.


by Phoebe (0:36)


Chain Upgrade

Started off with a huge infrastructure update and planning. LikeCoin had a chain upgrade at the end of 2021. And in 2022, another chain upgrade with the NFT module – StarFerry. It was one of the biggest updates including the NFT module that can enable a lot more applications in the LikeCoin ecosystem. It was a great and smooth upgrade the first time using Cosmovisor, it also laid down the structure of our next chain upgrade with a more simple and streamless upgrade solution with some updates of Cosmos SDK as well. So that’s basically what we did and planned for the upgrade in Q1 and it was successfully done in June this year.

Wallets and Block Explorer

Other than chain upgrade there also some infrastructure partnerships that we did 2022, including a lot more wallet support so been waiting for a lot of wallet supplier in Cosmos to be evolved and we are happily glad to onboard Cosmostation to natively support LikeCoin on the mobile wallet and also support us on their block explorer Mintscan, which is a more stable blog explorer and is very popular in Cosmos and towards the end of this year we also have Leap Wallet on board to support LikeCoin natively, so this is also one of the partnership that we have completed in 2022 to provide much more better use experience for all users to manage their asset.

And for Cosmostation you can actually interact with LikeCoin DApps inside their apps and there’s so much more upcoming for Cosmostation. So we are actually very happy that they are finally on board and they also onboard LikeCoin chain as a validator in 2022


We have also included a LIKE pool and swapping pairs on Osmosis, one of the biggest Cosmos DEX and it is also our first time enabling incentive pools to improve LikeCoin liquidity in general as a token. So it was great seeing Osmosis improving every other quarter as well and in the last month we also passed another incentive renewal, another incentive pool external incentives to provide more liquidity providers on Osmosis. We’ll spend more resources and our focus on decentralized exchanges as well in the coming year. A lot of you might know about the market situation of the fall of FTX so it also revealed centralized exchange actually would bring in a lot more different problems so it is great that we onboard Osmosis earlier. To educate our users about decentralized exchange and how you can actually swap between using DEXs, so this is something that we have done in 2022.

Technical Improvements

We are also doing a lot of great technical improvements in the infrastructure layer, not just chain upgrade but also on application layer that we will cover on this update today, but we are very glad that we are actually standing among a lot of Cosmos projects that actively provide updates and growing our technical stack and activity in 2022. Just picked one of the screenshots provided by the other parties of us ranking among different projects but guess that we are actually in one of the top 10 in the past year so would like to thank our validators also the team that has been working really hard on technical updates for LikeCoin.

In summary, the basic publishing stack that we have in LikeCoin actually is quite complete in 2022 including the ISCN and NFT module and in combined we can finally build upon more applications in the LikeCoin decentralized publishing stack. The more complete products stack right now that can bring in a lot of different uses and include media partners and even bloggers. We’ll spend a lot more effort in doing business development and launch use cases in terms of the whole stack and all the application that we build within Liker Land

Showing Product demo (6:21)

Currently the stack actually includes several layers, we have been spending a lot of time to make sure the infrastructure layer is actually ready for a lot more different layers built on top of it. You can see we are now almost done with the whole stack that can provide to Publishers and we have been pushing really hard in the last Q this year to find along use cases on the sales layer and also the publishing layer.

So in combined this is what we call the depub stack that we have been trying to talk about in the past few years including monetization layer including the registry layer that we had on ISCN and Liker Land right now is building on top of it with tools that can onboard uses much more easily including the WordPress plugin, NFT Portal or the open API that some of our partners have been using like Matters. There are also sales formats that we have been exploring with different partners and of course there are also different channels that we try to onboard to find our product Market feed in terms of what kind of users are actually bringing value and find our product useful to them.

In combined, this is the whole decentralized publishing stack Liker Land and Liker Land has been trying to deliver to the market and looking for an audience in 2022. This is the very beginning of the stack that is being brought into the market. Looking forward to 2023 when we are finally able to market this product and looking to onboard more people of what we built.

Ecosystem growth

In terms of the whole ecosystem growth this is the numbers that took us for today. We have impressive numbers right now in terms of the ecosystem, we have over 9k of media sites that are loaded with our LikeCoin button and some of them will eventually upgrade it to our latest widget with NFT features. We also have been growing our Likers early on from this year on the airdrop campaign that we did in Cosmos to bring in more attention to the cosmos ecosystem outside of the traditional creators community. We are also on board a lot more different creators from our Civic Liker campaign from the recent Writing NFT Campaign or even the NFT book campaign. We bring in a lot of different creative dynamics that we had. We also had different partnerships that using different products within the LikeCoin chain including the ISCN registry that we had the early partnership in June with Project Starling where they actually register their content with ISCN before submission to international criminal court so there are use cases like that that have been interacted with different part of the LikeCoin ecosystem and different tools that we have uh in general. This is the holistic view of what LikeCoin actually looks like right now and happily wrap this up by the end of this year.


In terms of our partner stack, we are also slowly boarding a lot more different validators as if you can remember early on we had some Genesis validators.

This year we spend more effort on onboard partners like Cosmostation, partners like different wallets in the ecosystem basically in Cosmos so that we can bring a more dynamic validated set and also bring our presence to the cosmos ecosystem.

In terms of community partners we also extend our presence outside of Hong Kong and Taiwan, we partner with Starling Lab, we also participate in some of the talks done by Protocol Lab etc, slowly expanding our presence outside of Southeast Asia.


On Civic Track

We have been continuing our work on the Civic track with content integrity and authenticity. As mentioned we work with Project Starling where we have been focusing on providing use cases around the globe. One of the most recent one is the war crime evidence in Ukraine to the international criminal court, it is a huge milestone for them, it is also one of the flagship product in Filecoin Foundation so we are very glad that we actually could have be one of the chain that would register with the use cases like this and this is on the Civic track on the LikeCoin chain aspect.


Secondly obviously we have revamped our WordPress plugin for writers and media. We still believe for WordPress represent a huge part of our ecosystem growth and the product market feed that we would like to explore is the WordPress community so majority of our effort is to make sure we have this WordPress plugin updated with the latest feature and also walk people through how they can use it especially in the recent Writing NFT campaign

Metadata registry

The metadata registry we have revamped a little bit on the user experience and we also delivered the ISCN dashboard where you can actually see what is the metadata how does it looks like and the visual dashboard that you can easily found the metadata details of the content that registered on LikeCoin Chain.

Shortly in Q4 this year we launched the Writing NFT feature which is a widget that can be displayed on any websites and we have been whitelisting and talking to quite a lot of core users and this is something that we have delivered lately including the Liker land marketplace and portfolio.

by Edmond (16:07)


As we have launched the beta version of Writing NFT on 1st of August so we have already been building this new product for four months as it is the last Community call of this year, this is the summary of what we have built in the past few months so let’s start.

The Writing NFT feature update in the past three months

Chinese localization of our UI: Development of Writing NFT has reached a stage as most of our users are Chinese writers and readers. We believe that our Chinese UI can deliver a much better experience.

Custom message upon transferring NFT & Creator message: Feedbacks collected from our creators and they said that they want to have some tools to interact with their readers so users can now leave a message when gifting Writing NFT to the recipient. The message is recorded as a transaction memo on chain and now it can be stacked during further transfers forming a lot of that particular piece of Writing NFT.

Creator message: Creator message is a special paragraph of a creator article written by the author. Unlike the transfer message all the writing entities under the same collection share the same greater message and are stored on the NFT class data on chain. This is what we have done to try to enhance the tools for the creators to interact with the readers and UI.

List by price, time and much more: In terms of the UI we build, we believe that good visualization can add more value to the Writing NFTs. First of all we enhance the UI by allowing listing by orders like list by price by time and also by the ownership quantity

Featured NFT: It is a new feature to feature and hide your Writing NFT collection. You can choose to feature an NFT and it will be placed on top of the list while hidden NFT won’t be displayed in the public view.

Different NFT types: We support other NFT types on the LikeCoin chain, it is well illustrated by the recent project by kin ko, the NFT Book Project.

NFT Gem: and to better visualize the NFT collections we have deployed NFT gems so the values of writing entity are Illustrated by gems of different colors and shapes

Follow the creator: We have deployed a feature to allow readers to follow creators, users can now follow a Creator by providing an email address whenever the creator published an NFT, followers will receive an email notification and so that they will never miss the best chance to collect.

Payment by credit card: We are now supporting payment by credit card. It is an attempt to lower the barrier of user conversions especially for those users that are not familiar with crypto so they can now buy Writing NFT by credit card.

Creator Description: For the other points like we allowed creators to add some more description and also to enhance setting UI, you can go to Liker Land and try it out.

Minting Flow: For the Creator’s side, we did not do a lot of enhancement but we have also tried to enhance the flow of minting the Writing NFT we will keep building on this later.


The number is still small. Now lifetime buyers we have 320 lifetime buyers and the MAU active buyers is around 150.

The total volume in the past four months is around 1 million LikeCoin, the team is still in the process of finding the product market fit and validating different ideas and we have quite clear insights that the needs of the readers is much more important now because we have to help the writers to grow the group by providing more incentives for readers to buy the Writing NFT so we have keep on building more features especially for adding values to the Writing NFTs. At this moment, although no significant growth trend is observed, we are still pushing different kinds of campaigns to validate the features so that we have a chance to find out a way for growth.

kin conducted an experiment which kin would call a decentralized publishing experiment with the help of LikeCoin as an infrastructure to sell the book (29:01).

NFT Book

The target is to sell a thousand copies of the book at the price of 10 USD or to be precise is 9.9 USD and within a month to be precise is actually 35 days so we are able to meet the target with the final result of 1024 copies sold. Thanks for the support of 943 buyers.

These thousand or so people are from 18 territories, other than the 1,024 copy that are sold, some others or some 200 or so copies are rewarded to people that have supported him through say for example buying three related Writing NFTs and some people they used it to pay for subscribing newsletter for nothing, for no reward at all in the past two years so borrowing this chance to reward all of them who have been supporting for no reason no reward at all.

There are totally 1263 copies that’s minted as NFT books that are going to be sent to and then these people are from 18 territories and there are 30 channels, the main major one being on kin’s own blog. As it’s an experiment to show that other channels including the traditional bookshops especially independent bookshops can participate so some channels have also been invited to participate.

Territory distribution of the buyers: Taiwan is the biggest territory which accounts for 43% and Hong Kong follows which is similar and the rest is quite distributed to 16 other territories. This is the performance of one of the channel which is the major one which is kin’s own blog so imagine if you are also an independent blogger, you have your own blog especially WordPress, you can sell your book on your own site with the help of LikeCoin as a so-called decentralized stack and generate sales.

During the pre-sales period of October 27th to November 10th sold 400 copies and after it’s launched, continued to sell for almost 400 copies so his own channel accounts for about 77 % of the all the sales and then the experiment is conducted in a manner that the content itself is opened and available freely, “Free as in Freedom” so you can obtain the book as an epub or pdf all free and freely. if you don’t have money to buy that we can live with it. You just get a copy without paying. It’s okay. It’s not illegal. We also encourage people who can afford to buy the authentic copy which in Cantonese or in Mandarin is 正版 so by buying the NFT book itself it mean the file is stored on both IPFS and Arweave like what we did in Writing NFT so the copy is hosted on both so-called web2 infrastructure and IPFS and Arweave so as to make sure it wouldn’t be erased it wouldn’t be altered even tempered with.

ISCN is used as the unique identifier of the book, usually in traditional books have the ISBN printed on the last page on the back of the book so in the NFT book, instead of ISBN and ISCN is used and you scan this ISCN and of course you can check out the on chain data so it’s the very first time there’s probably easiest to understand why we we’ve been calling this ISCN because it’s the same version of ISBN.

A thousand or so NFTs just minted and started to give out to buyers and previous supporters of kin. Each book was signed personally with kin’s private key, not with a pen and paper and will be shown on the owner’s NFT Portfolio. You can click to see Cheung To’s portfolio, it would be how it look if you have brought the book and provided kin with your wallet, He will send out one by one the NFT book so it’s like a parallel to how he autograph on his physical book to his readers and he’ll do it for 1243 times so as to show his appreciation to all of you.

You don’t actually need to hold LIKE to participate in the LikeCoin ecosystem. That’s also one of the key learnings that we have been observing on onboarding new users as you can see Writing NFT including payment with credit card and kin’s experiment also experiment with easy and smooth checkout.

kin is in the process of drafting a full report on the experiment to share with the not just our community but with the publishing industry, with the creators as a whole so that they can reference how we did it and they can use the same or modified improved method to sell their book with our with help of LikeCoin and we can expect more books to be published in this form and so we can we can participate and we can expect more and more among us will be joining ecosystem because of this.

37% which means about 200 of them are new users and they created the wallet just because they brought the book. kin is doing one to one thousand customer service to help them hand in hand to make sure they’re able to create a wallet and join the ecosystem.

by Phoebe (42:39)


2022 Presence

Some of the key events that we attended this year so to speak um we have been quite low-key and in terms of our presence before and this year especially Q3 and Q4, we have been spending much effort in terms of branding business development and marketing in around the community that we would like to target. As you can expect in 2023 you’ll see a lot more presence from us. If you see a lot of events that we should attend please feel free to let us know as well so we are getting there to improve our marketing as well as our storytelling and we would love to see more often of you guys in our online presence

Web3 Creator Ecosystem Meetup

Next week we had an event during Taiwan blockchain week so if you’re in Taiwan and you would like to meet some of the partners it felt like a Christmas party throughout this year please do sign up, seats are limited.

Like land will have written 2022 blog posts similar to what we covered and also kin mentioned he will also have a report regarding the experiment that he did on NFT book look forward to next month Community call as well and thanks for sharing having your time with us today and see you next month in 2023.