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Writing NFT Marketplace MVP and Internet Archive Integration – LikeCoin Community Call Minutes #202301

Table of Contents

Ecosystem and Writing NFT updates to start in 2023!

Exploring the latest version of the Cosmo SDK for LikeCoin chain upgrade

The Liker Land team is currently planning an ecosystem update, and they are exploring the latest version of the Cosmo SDK, including the most recent IBC interchange accounts and CosmoJS. Furthermore, in Q1, they will research the feasibility of implementing on-chain royalties for NFT trading. The team plans to keep the validator chat informed of their progress during these explorations.

The integration of the Internet Archive option into our WordPress plugin

The Liker Land team is thrilled to announce the integration of the Internet Archive option into our WordPress plugin. This new feature in Liker Land will be a valuable tool for writers who are seeking to onboard and monetize their readers more efficiently. In addition, the Liker Land founding team has launched the prototype for the LikeCoin NFT Marketplace. This prototype incentivizes readers to engage with writers and explores the use of dynamic pricing in the Liker Land Writing NFT setups.

Although an early prototype of the marketplace is available on GitHub, it does not currently incorporate the dynamic pricing system. The Liker Land team is eager to receive feedback and user experiences as they explore and refine the economic model of Writing NFTs. This feature is particularly beneficial for media partners and journalists who utilize the plugin to create self-archives for their work, gaining credibility and awareness through the globally recognized brand of Internet Archive.

Prototype of LikeCoin NFT Marketplace

Prototype of LikeCoin NFT Marketplace for Writing NFT

The primary users and audience for Liker Land are writers who can benefit from the tool’s ability to onboard their readers and monetize their fan base more efficiently. To encourage readers to engage with writers, the LikeCoin NFT Marketplace prototype has been launched. The marketplace explores the economic model of dynamic pricing in Liker Land Writing NFT setups. An early prototype is available on GitHub, but it does not currently incorporate the dynamic pricing system.

Feedback and user experiences are welcome, as this is a new and different approach compared to the current Dynamic Pricing system of LIKE. The Liker Land team would like to explore and revisit the economic model that Writing NFT is currently pursuing.

Export feature of the NFT Dashboard

Users can now quickly identify and export the collectors of their NFTs, including blogs and NFT eBooks, on the NFT Dashboard. This new feature is a useful tool that can help writers more easily maintain their fan base, a primary goal that the Liker Land team aims to assist providers with in the long run. The feature enhances engagement with readers and allows writers to better manage their fan base, enabling them to airdrop gifts and identify their readers using the social graph function that is already available. If this feature resonates well with the current user base, the team will consider adding more elements, such as re-importing the fan base later on.

These are early prototypes, so users can expect further improvements in the front-end layout. Feedback and thoughts on these features are welcome.

Project Starling is on Rolling Stone

The launch of Rolling Stone is big news for our partner, Project Starling, and we are excited to be a part of it. This project focuses on documenting war crimes and serves as a valuable use case. LikeCoin has participated in their first project and is proud to be involved in this second project as well. When accessing the archive page and examining the metadata, you will see the LikeCoin ISCN is present. This means that all content in Rolling Stone is registered on ISCN and can be linked back to our Explorer. The metadata can be viewed on the ISCN Explorer, which is a significant accomplishment for Project Starling. We congratulate them on this achievement and are honored to be a part of this important initiative.

Project Starling is on Rolling Stone
Registration links with LikeCoin

Updates from CDC regarding the vacancy

The CDC is currently in need of one more member to complete the team of six. Until this vacancy is filled, no further progress can be made. Anyone who is interested in joining the CDC is encouraged to ping the channel and express their interest in becoming part of the delegation committee. This will allow the CDC to resume its efforts towards delegating responsibilities.

Funding opportunities to drive the advancement of Writing NFTs

The Liker Land team is actively seeking additional funding opportunities to drive the advancement of Writing NFTs. Alongside this effort, there are numerous pending product updates on the feature list. Additionally, the team is preparing for the upcoming LikeCoin chain update, which will keep them busy throughout January.