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LikeCoin Community Update #202109

Table of Contents

LikeCoin chain finally upgraded to FoTan in August, substantial changes on its functionality and stepping into a new phase of the LikeCoin history with the launch of ISCN. Let’s go through a quick summary of the LikeCoin Community Call on 2021.09.06 (Mon).

Progress Update

A New Look:

Other than the outlook of has been changed, the ISCN app was launched as well and community members tried out to register their first ISCN in the past two weeks.


The initial MVP is launched at, pressing the “ISCN App” on will land you to which is currently a web app. There are tutorials on medium and and feel free to try it out. Suggestions or bug reports are welcomed on Discord.

ISCN batch uploader

A script that can help upload multiple medium contents to ISCN which is available on GitHub. Media or publications who want to try out ISCN without uploading one by one can run the script.

The better BigDipper

Foroble team upgraded the BigDipper block explorer as well, a nicer layout with more functional items coming later on.

Follow us on Social Media

After the chain upgrade there are a lot more content and partnerships for LikeCoin therefore please do follow our social media channels:

Twitter — English content / Facebook — Chinese content / Newsletter — Substack

FoTan chain API

August 18 Fotan upgrade was quite fluent, thanks to all validators. However problems were found on the hardware which caused performance issues on API therefore there were timeouts or 504 errors on some of the API. The firmware was updated and the problem has been fixed.

Raise proposal to enable #IBC on public testnet

The next step of FoTan chain will be enabling IBC, the Inter Blockchain Communication which comes from the Cosmos SDK upgrade, and enable LikeCoin to connect to other blockchains like the Cosmos Hub which will bring us various features, e.g. will be able to send coins from and between the IBC connected chains so that things like joining decentralized exchanges will be possible.

The testing of the relayer is on and it is a software to relay transactions from one to another, ensuring the transactions can go through different chains. The next step would be testing the IBC feature and the replayer on the public testnet before enabling them on the mainnet. Chung will raise a proposal on the public testnet and validators are encouraged to vote and enable testing IBC on the public testnet.



Right now we only have the solutions with IPFS as storage and the next step is to use Arweave as another storage solution for us and LikeCoin will be joining the Openweb Foundry Program and the demo day in the upcoming foundry 5.

Numbers Protocol

Proposal 16 has been raised regarding the tokens swap. As Numbers Protocol would like to build a long-term partnership with LikeCoin, the proposal is going to propose LikeCoin and Numbers Protocol can switch tokens in value of 50,000 USD. NAM is a native protocol token of Numbers Protocol, a utility token designed to incentify users to archive, create and govern content with good integrity. Numbers is one of the very first projects incorporating the proof of repeat representability and along with the proof of access. By providing compact proof of the registered photo including images and videos the miners can prove the target photos are intact so that users can fully recover its history.

LikeCoin and Numbers Protocol are both members of the Content Authenticity Institution and Numbers particularly helped to develop the Project Starling which is a project with USC, the foundations with members of Adobe and New York Times. Numbers is familiar with the industry of content authenticity and they also have an app, called “Capture” which is available on iOS and Android. Users can capture a photo and all the environment information will be registered on the blockchain. the integrity of the photo is all preserved. A marketplace app called “Capture Club” is also on beta closing to leverage the NFT characteristics.

The proposal is now under deposit period and validators are welcomed to deposit if they support the initiatives.


Delegation of the LikeCoin community fund

There have been several discussions going to adjust or remove those delegations from inactive validators or people who applied before but are no longer active. Join the #apply-for-delegation channel on Discord if you want to take part in the discussion.

LikeCoin Grants update

Three grantees wrapped up their projects, they will be invited to give a demo in the next community call. 4 months passed since the LikeCoin Grants launched, 12 proposals were received from 9 applicants, among them 8 projects have been approved already including the 3 that have already wrapped up. A sum of 1,349,685 LIKE granted/to be granted.

Two special programs will be launched in an attempt to stimulate the early adoption of the ISCN, they are:

ISCN — the Tool Maker’s Grant, for a useful tool in complement with the current rather simple UI on, e.g. dashboard, webpage converter, batch uploading, etc

ISCN — the Builder’s Grant (Content Curation), contributors who are uploading valuable content.

More details will be revealed soon.

Next community call

LikeCoin community call is scheduled on the first Monday every month.

The next meeting will be held on 2021.10.04 (Mon) at GMT +8, 1820 in