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LikeCoin Community Update #202201

Table of Contents

The 1st community update of 2022 from LikeCoin and it’s a fresh start!🆕

LikeCoin Airdrop

For the 1st Airdrop proposal (Proposal 25) in December last year, it passed and the budget was approved by the community. However when it got live on the 1st day, there were some bugs in the calculation while actually was the missing of bonded module on Osmosis meaning the calculation was not right for the LP pool for Osmosis recipients so the formula has to be updated and will need to raise a new proposal given some of the parameters will be changed. Once the new related airdrop proposal is passed, will resume the airdrop campaign for the Cosmos community.

Chung will provide more details and parameters like what was wrong and someone has to raise the proposal (Validator Paul Tsang raised Proposal 30 afterwards).

LikeCoin Twitter Analysis

This month’s report and all the previous reports are available on Irtysh Digital resources page on the website, they are being uploaded to ISCN and the links are provided in Discord.

Month three ended on December 20th and it went from November 20th. The previous month was focused on engaging tweets rather than the volume of tweets. The amount of tweets was reduced and still managed to have an increase in impression and most importantly the engagement rate was pretty good. The majority of it was coming from the tweet categories `campaign” meaning the weekly quizzes and also the airdrop news. They were good at boosting up the engagement rates.

About last month’s recommendations for boosting up WordPress presences, the result was not so encouraging because even though more tweets were on WordPress the impressions and the engagement rate were quite low compared to other categories. But overall the month looked pretty good and in terms of insights, the weekly quiz campaign for increasing engagement and giving LIKE out to people as rewards hooked them into the ecosystem. People who have coins in their pocket will participate a little bit more into LikeCoin. It also served as an indicator of knowledge of LikeCoin, if the answer can be found on a blog post or the question was simple, the engagement was quite high. But if the question was about ISCN or it was a bit more technical, people didn’t participate that much so perhaps even though was up for quite some time, maybe it hasn’t really sunk into the community. Therefore more about ISCN and the product and the core mission of Depub should be tweeted and will try to put more quizzes about technical stuff to see if the trend can be uptaken.

For next month the strategy is to step back on the WordPress Plugin tweets because the WordPress plugin is using the ISCN as the major selling point. As the community does not know ISCN that well right now, we should focus on step one first which is to increase product knowledge.

The planning for this year are three major focus:

  • The upcoming airdrop is good for building hype within the Cosmos ecosystem and it’s gonna reach people that aren’t eligible for the airdrop. A couple of influencers have been contacted within the Cosmos ecosystem and when the LikeCoin airdrop is opened, a side campaign will be launched in the form of quiz or something like that, people will have to do some tasks and they will get some LIKE even though they are not able to join the airdrop. It is going to be a small campaign and it is not in the size of the airdrop but it will be nice to attract a little bit of a bigger audience and ride on the wave of the airdrop. As a step forward to the campaign, if people register an ISCN, they can increase their rewards multiplier. It is good to increase their product knowledge and dive into LikeCoin.
  • Increase interest and retention of core mission of Depub. Will try to get more people to use ISCN and will use the weekly quizzes to spearhead that.
  • Testing other audience: On last three months the focus was on Cosmos ecosystem however that can’t always be targeted as there are going to have audience fatigue so will be looking at other audiences like Web 3 adopters in general, that’s not necessary to be heavily crypto focused as well as marginalized content created. The recent news in Hong Kong shook the twitter community and there are potentials to reach those people who aren’t involved in crypto at all, will have to test some messaging for them.

A semi-auto proposal will be raised every three months regarding the payout to Irtysh Digital. Proposal 28 was passed regarding hiring for the payout in the last quarter of last year. Another proposal will be to raise the payout for January to March.

Plan for 2022

2021 Sum Up

Some quick take away from the blog post 2021 LikeCoin update: We’re just getting started. Decentralize Publishing revealing its value in the metaverse regarding 2021 sum up:

  • Upgraded the LikeCoin chain with the biggest upgrade with Cosmos Stargate and included our own module ISCN plus the IBC features which gave LikeCoin a lot of cross-chain capability to go ahead listed with two of the DEX Osmosis and Emeris.
  • Release of the ISCN framework which is also part of the ISCN module, introduced to creators and data archive community of what ISCN could be and how registry could work different protocols.
  • Build tools that reflect the usage of ISCN and also storage like Arweave with and the upgraded WordPress Plugin that serve to the WordPress community.
  • LikeCoin Grants program fostered and incubated different grantees to work on the ideas. This year more resources will be provided on foster grantees and incubate more that the build upon LikeCoin.
  • There are several recent proposals regarding decentralized LikeCoin as a DAO, several multisig wallets were setup and also had two current committee setup for the creators fund and the delegation fund. Majority of the team holding funds was moved to the community so that they can be executed by community spend proposals. It was the major stepstone to decentralize LikeCoin and managed by the DAO. LikeCoin is quite early in the blockchain communities where the community actually owned how the fund should be spent by the project. The proposal 29 for transferring all the LIKE in the migration pool and team pool to the community pool which will enhance the community pool size and the community can raise proposals to spend it.

Content backup to blockchain V.S. Web 3 native content

LikeCoin Community Update #202201

Most of the time we are talking about registering ISCN or submitting something to the chain to get an ISCN and the information is published on a website or even in paper format. It is mostly for preservation and the actions taken by the civic society while on the other hand in the new year to come, another set of initiative which is Web 3 native content will be in storytelling. It is more for the future and now, instead of preservation is more like for creation and the content will be native to blockchain meaning the moment that the content is generated it lives on blockchain. It’s not published somewhere else and then ported to blockchain. There is already an app generating Web 3 native content on LikeCoin which is the photo app supported by the LikeCoin Grants, it is submitted to the app store already but is still pending approval. The app was also submitted to HackAtom VI and won the second prize of USDe15,000 ATOM. The way it is producing Web 3 native content means if you use this photo app to take pictures, once it is taken and confirmed, the picture will be uploaded to Arweave and the ISCN will be registered on the LikeCoin chain. It is not a two step process like in the case of content backup as the content is not on the website in certain civic media which cease operation in traditional newspaper printed in print form and has to move it somehow to the chain, while for this particular form of Web 3 native content people actually are content creators producing content natively on LikeCoin chain day by day and minute by minute.

Looking forward to having more development on decentralized apps connected by Keplr and producing contents that natively reside on the LikeCoin chain which also has an ISCN but registration as a separate step is not necessary to get an ISCN for the content.


Community Delegation Fund

Community delegation committee have set up a new procedure for a new set of delegation tiers where active contributors or validators can apply for a different ration of delegation. The procedure is on Discord and was effective on January 10.

Next community call

LikeCoin community call is scheduled on the first Monday every month.

The next meeting will be held on 2022.02.07 (Mon) at 1030 GMT in