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LikeCoin launched FoTan Mainnet, joining the IBC-enabled blockchains in Cosmos

Table of Contents

Here is an update about what we are working on for the post-Mainnet development & the expectations for users.

LikeCoin chain — FoTan Upgrade Success

Thank you to all the validators who joined the FoTan upgrade with us last week! Welcome to the new phase of LikeCoin and co-build the future of Decentralized Publishing.

(For Mainnet validators who did not participate in the upgrade last week, your node is currently jailed until you complete the upgrade.)

Migrating LikeCoin related services to the new Mainnet

The majority of the LikeCoin services are now back to normal. Including wallet services on Liker land and Keplr wallet, plugins on WordPress and other media sites, and other LikeCoin related API. If you found any associated bugs, please send them to the #bug-report channel on Discord.

The beautiful brand new LikeCoin Block Explorer is also up and running. (Thank you Big Dipper and Fobole). There are several reported issues and the Big Dipper team is working on it, including the validators and proposals info and price. You can find the latest update in the #validators channel on Discord.

We are also working with exchanges to make sure they have received the latest chain info and resume deposit and withdrawal services as soon as possible.

What’s coming next?

Given the LikeCoin Mainnet, 2.0 is now up and running, the future of Decentralized Publishing is coming to shape. In the coming weeks, we do expect to build momentum and start joining more community events to explain the product design and future roadmap.

Launching new website:

We’ll be releasing a new LikeCoin website this week. Stay tuned!

LikeCoin launched FoTan Mainnet, joining the IBC-enabled blockchains in Cosmos
Welcome to the new era of #DePub —

Launching the MVP of ISCN registry:

We are currently wrapping up and final testing the MVP of the ISCN registry and make it available to users this week.

LikeCoin launched FoTan Mainnet, joining the IBC-enabled blockchains in Cosmos

Raise a proposal to get IBC enabled

Now that we have included the IBC module in the FoTan upgrade, the community has to raise a parameter change proposal to enable it. With IBC, the LikeCoin chain will be able to connect to the Cosmos Hub and interoperate with other blockchains that are connected to it. Furthermore, users can transfer various tokens directly from the IBC-enabled LikeCoin chain to another IBC-connected chain without going through a centralized third-party platform.

Community AMA sessions

We have been receiving a lot of questions about LikeCoin and our team would love to go through them through AMA (Ask Me Anything) sessions in the coming two weeks (in both English and Chinese languages).

LikeCoin launched FoTan Mainnet, joining the IBC-enabled blockchains in Cosmos
Cantonese AMA session this Wednesday.

Cantonese AMA session
Date: Wednesday, 25th Aug 2021
Time: 13:30 GMT+8

English AMA session
Wednesday, 1st Sept 2021
Time: 13:30 GMT+8

We will be collecting all your questions on our Discord channel. You can write any questions in the #general channel and we will answer them in the AMA!

You can ask questions about the company, the project, the idea behind it, technical features, or anything you could think of about the LikeCoin #DPub project.

Thanks for reading and see you at the AMA!

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