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LikeCoin New Address Format: The Story of “like1” | LikeCoin Update

Table of Contents

🔎Focus: Migration to like1 wallet prefix (with backward compatibility of cosmos1)

The LikeCoin wallet address will soon be changed to like1 from cosmos1, and both formats will be supported. The development has been in the final stage. What is the story behind such move, and how Likers can benefit from it?

It started with Cosmos SDK…

On 15th November 2019, LikeCoin upgraded from ERC-20 to a chain built on Cosmos SDK, and became one of the first Cosmos-based blockchains. At the outset, the development team decided to use cosmos1, which was the same as Cosmos Hub‘s native token ATOM, as LikeCoin’s address prefix. The booming of Cosmos blockchains, however, led to different address prefixes, e.g., demos1 from Desmos, osmo1 from Osmosis, and it has become a norm in the Cosmos community. Keeping cosmos1 as its prefix, LikeCoin fell behind its counterparts and faced a lot of difficulties in integrating with other Cosmos-based ecosystems.

Technical tests

Since the passing of proposal #33, Liker Land and Oursky have been working on solutions which can support both cosmos1 and like1 prefixes, so as to ensure its backward compatibility. As the chain upgrade may affect LikeCoin’s functionalities on various systems, including Keplr, BigDipper,, Ledger, CLI, validator nodes and Liker Land App, a lot of testing and debugging are needed before the dual prefixes can be made available.

Integrating with other Cosmos Ecosystem

When the integration of prefixes is complete, each wallet with $LIKE will be given a like1 address for easier integration with the other Cosmos ecosystems, e.g., Keplr wallet and which supports both mobile and website versions, as well as the other blockchain tools such as Cosmostation, Mintscan, ATOMScan and Cosmoscan.

LikeCoin New Address Format: The Story of "like1" | LikeCoin Update

LikeCoin chain Upgrade

likecoin-public-testnet-4 is in full swing. The tentative upgrade processes are as follows:

  • Last week of March – Upgrade proposal will be submitted to testnet. Validators can perform upgrade tests by using Cosmosvisor.
  • 2nd and 3rd weeks of April – Upgrade to Cosmos SDK 0.44, and introduce dual prefixes.
  • 4th week of April – LikeCoin NFT module will be ready on testnet.

Thanks for the support from validators, which helps to improve LikeCoin’s safety and functionality.

📚DePub Applications

LikeCoin New Address Format: The Story of "like1" | LikeCoin Update


depub.SPACE has been revamped and enhanced:

  • Browse by topics and categories: More topics and categories have been added, so that users can browse and search different contents with ease.
  • Trending contents: Hot topics are shown.
  • Night mode: Same interface design, but more eye-friendly and comfortable reading at night.
  • Log out: Users can switch to the other accounts easily.
  • LikeCoin Faucet: New users who have no LikeCoin balance can use LikeCoin Faucet to earn some LIKE and start using depub.SPACE.
LikeCoin New Address Format: The Story of "like1" | LikeCoin Update

Try depub.SPACE today and enjoy the decentralized version of Twitter, depub to IPFS and the brand new form of sustainable publishing on blockchain! You can visit LikeCoin FAQ for the tutorial.

Civic Liker Web3

Since the Civic Liker Web3 POAP badges are still going through the approval process, the distribution will be postponed. We will keep you informed if there are any updates.

🤖LikeCoin in Cosmos

Superfluid Staking to “LikeCoin by Liker Land” node

Osmosis has activated superfluid staking on 1 ATOM/OSMO, 560 UST/OSMO and 561 LUNA/OSMO. Not only can users earn rewards from liquidity mining, but they can also get extra rewards by Superfluid Staking. You are mostly welcome to choose LikeCoin by Liker Land validator node for your Superfluid Validator, which enables us to support creative works with staking rewards.

LikeCoin New Address Format: The Story of "like1" | LikeCoin Update

【Trivia】What is Superfluid Staking?

Superfluid Staking is the latest function exclusively on Osmosis. Users can bond their assets in an Osmosis liquidity pool for 14 days, and at the same time stake a portion of the bonded OSMO to a validator and earn staking rewards. However, users are allowed to pick one validator only in Superfluid Staking, and they cannot exercise their voting right, as it will be delegated to their validator accordingly. Therefore, please pick a validator you trust for Superfluid Staking.

Liquidity Mining – Double Incentives

After passing proposal #164 by the Osmosis community, participants who use 553 LIKE/ATOM and 555 LIKE/OSMO for liquidity mining can enjoy substantial double incentives from both OSMO and LIKE. We will keep you posted weekly with various figures. Please follow LikeCoin’s Twitter account for more updates. You can also click here for the tutorial of liquidity mining.

🗳LikeCoin DAO Updates

Passed Proposals

  • Proposal #39: Tech Subdao to pick up outstanding work of proposal 33
  • Proposal #40: Deposit 2,000,000 LIKE to Tech Subdao multisig wallet
  • Proposal #41: Change Inflation Rate from 25% to 100%
  • Proposal #43: Deposit 1,000,000 LIKE to Marketing Subdao multi-sig wallet
  • Phoebe and Cheung To formed Marketing SubDAO and a 2-of-2 multisig wallet after the Proposal #38 was passed earlier. With the passing of this proposal, 1,000,000 LIKE will be allocated to the Marketing Subdao multisig wallet as the initial fund for LikeCoin’s marketing development.

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