LikeCoin now listed on Emeris

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We are keeping up the momentum in the Cosmosverse. LIKE is now listed on Emeris with ATOM/LIKE pairs to open up access and connectivity with other networks.

Update: Reported display bug on ATOM/LIKE pool.

LikeCoin become the latest IBC-enabled chain integrated with Emeris Beta. Emeris is the latest product developed by the Tendermint team. It is a DEX that allows you to transfer and swap tokens, and participate in cross-chain liquidity pools using the IBC-enabled Gravity DEX protocol. In a long run, Emeris aims to become a one-stop portal for all crypto apps — the interface of the Internet of Blockchains.

View Emeris announcement here:LikeCoin Is Now Available on Emeris BetaWe’re pleased to let you know that LikeCoin (LIKE) is now available on Emeris Beta, taking the total of interconnected…

LikeCoin now listed on Emeris

ATOM/LIKE pool is now available on Emeris. LikeCoin holders can participate in LIKE liquidity pools to earn swap fees for liquidity providing. (FAQ for newbies)

The Cosmos Hub community is also actively discussing adding ATOM farming incentives on Gravity DEX. Signalling proposal #58 just passed on Cosmos Hub on Nov 9th to adopt the proposed budget and farming modules on Cosmos Hub.

In the past 30 days, we have recorded 6,043 IBC transactions since our first listing on the Osmosis DEX. We are currently ranked top 15 in the Cosmos ecosystem, ranked top 5 in total transactions on-chain, with much room to grow and educate our users about the Cosmos DeFi ecosystem (view on mapofzones).

LikeCoin now listed on Emeris

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