Table of Contents

LikeCoin progress update 2019.11.18

Table of Contents


  • LikeCoin chain SheungWan was launched
  • Big Dipper still get some bugs, cooperating with Forbole
  • Migration page is lacking minor functions, such as selecting sub-accounts from HW wallet


  • ES migration to AWS done
  • Dataflow development: ongoing


  • Coordinating with Matters & Enyk for Authcore integration
  • Wraping up LikeCoin ERC-20 to new LikeCoin migration page
  • Wrap up changes for new LikeCoin


  • Drafting script for migration page
  • Will draft script for KaiTak story


  • Made images for social posts
  • Helped with QA
  • Designing the flow for installing App
  • Designing 2.0


  • Finished the real-time algorithm for LIKE distribution
  • Make PoC on ISCN using IPFS as backend


  • Written a long article to introduce the concept of Republic of Liker Land
  • Suggest to launch migration page to Early Believers for testing

meeting notes by @阿魯德克