Table of Contents

LikeCoin progress update 2019.11.25

Table of Contents


  • Worked on mainnet deployment
  • Coordinating validators
  • Worked on block explorer UI
  • Continued to work on block explorer this week


Designed the data flow pipeline

  1. Logstash
  2. Raw log stored in BigQuery
  3. Send all like actions to BigQuery (for Civic Liker’s instant LikeCoin distribution)

Will test on the above items this week.


  • Was fixing the token migration page last week, as the poller keep on breaking down. Switched to influra to monitor the usage in every API but there are still some issues such as the influra API usage limit.
  • Was working on multi-wallet feature for ledger
  • Helped on Android and iOS app development, need to discuss about the iOS app submission issue.
  • We should start QA to the new chain and token migration page asap, need someone for help
  • This week is going launch the Authcore migration site


  • Worked on the CTA for Liker Land app download
  • Has completed two A/B test on /
  • LikeCoin app: fixing the sign-in issue.
  • Upgrade the React Native module but there are a lot of breaking changes, need some time to fix.
  • App: submitted iOS version and Android version app last Friday, Google passed but iOS failed. Will submit the app again today.
  • Will work on the migration page UI this week, one day is needed.


  • Last 7 days LikeButton average DAU: 39.4 K, Last 30 days MAU: 3.7 mil, 51.5% from HK and 28.4% from TW.
  • 43% iOS, 33% Android, 12.5% Windows,4.9% Mac.
  • daily active liker > 1000 and daily active Civic liker > 100 for more than 5 consecutive days last week
  • Civic Liker number: 883, 30 new subscription last week
  • A/B test: finished two experiments, should be able to draw some conclusion for this week’s new direction.
  • Prepare 4 FAQ articles and 3 newsletter as token migration tools


  • Contact several exchanges
  • Double confirm the migration flow
  • Negotiating with Liquid for LikeCoin name changes
  • Published an article
  • Was working on some translation tasks


Visual Art

  • Feature img for articles
  • App store preview
  • hired freelance to help with VA
  • kick start


  • mainly on APP last week
  • keep on and QA with other flow


  • brainstormed with @kin last week, for upcoming feature

@tat: the screenshots on app store are needed to be done before app submission, so need to align the time of graphics production.


  • Discussed with @micheal about the design of data pipeline, cold storage will be in BigQuery.
  • IPFS and ISCN: the research on core API has been done, will work on the plug-in on LikeCoin chain
  • Code audit of the migration should be started this week, need around 4 manday.


  • contacting early believers to introduce Liker Land and helped 2 of them to migrate LikeCoin ERC-20 and delegate
  • initial brainstorming of LikeCoin next phase product, including “Super Like”, ISCN, photography and multi coin support
  • conducted a team sharing on Blockchain Sociology

meeting notes by @Edmond