LikeCoin Progress Update 2021.02.01

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Happy Chinese New Year to all! We’d like to remind everyone to secure their LikeCoin account with two-factor authentication. We’ve detected several attacker attempts to steal LikeCoin from users’ wallets.

LikeCoin chain

The Cosmos Hub Stargate is delayed after the Chinese New Year holiday. There was also a breaking upgrade of the Cosmos SDK version (v0.41) released. Chung is reviewing the effect of these changes on the LikeCoin chain.

LikeCoin chain statistics‌

(Difference from 2021.01.18)

LikeCoin Progress Update 2021.02.01
LikeCoin Progress Update 2021.02.01
LikeCoin Progress Update 2021.02.01


*LikeCoin chain SDK update

  • Upgraded chain to Cosmos SDK v0.41, reviewing changes of v0.40 to v0.41
  • Basically finished migration command for Sheungwan chain state
  • Working on ISCN module upgrade

* Bug Fix

  • Removed deprecated merchant API
  • Xfers performed penetration testing on and reported 2 issues, currently fixed one and another fix is ongoing

*Upcoming features

  • In the past week, some users’ LikerID was hacked and the attacker undelegated a large amount of LIKE. We implemented delegation and undelegation log on our cosmos LCD proxy, later we would have monitoring on suspicious undelegation to alert us of suspicious activities
  • Fixed a bug related to invalid user registration checking
  • Implemented LIKE pay webhook notification to improve payment logic robustness. Currently under testing in testnet with matters
  • New documentation on ISCN widget (iscn-dev) and LIKE pay webhook

*UI & Design

  • Completed the ISCN plugin UX/UI design

*‌Working team: Chung, Blockchain developer, ​William (Full Stack Developer)‌, ​​David Ng (Frontend Developer)‌

Civic Liker

  • A brief introduction article of Civic Liker 2.0 for a general audience (both creators and readers), and will be included in partner’s website

Statistics‌ and Insights

LikeCoin Progress Update 2021.02.01
The drop rate of the 1st step is critical for Civic Liker 2.0 conversion flow
  • Civic Liker 2.0 onboard conversion funnel: The most significant drop is at the first step (- 90%). Several UI adjustment suggestions on this page has been made and some of them are under development
  • Analysis on Civic Liker’s fund and Creator’s Fund distribution. Civic Liker fund: around 25% goes to Civic Medias, 75% to individual creators. Creators fund: around 25% of creators fund goes to the first 30 creators/media, 30,000 LIKE of Creators Fund is released daily
  • Creators page pageviews: 2114 (+ 8.7%), sponsor links ([Liker ID]/civic) page view: 9997 (+54%). Active creators(bi-weekly): 7260(+4.3%)
  • (bi-weekly) New app download : 429 (-0.5%), app active users: 1459(+5.5%)
  • Civic Liker total: 1756; 62 new registrations in last two weeks
  • Social media (executed by community helper Daisy): Facebook engagement rate 3% and reach was 424. Overall Tweet impression of January was 26,000



  • Red pocket promotion campaign design
  • Follow up expired Civic Liker accounts, most of them subscribed for Civic Media during 2019. The Re-subscription rate is very low (<10%)
  • Provide product text (monthly report, /in and /creators pages)
  • Conduct funnel analysis and A/B test

*Bug Fix

  • Follow up Authcore UI issue about 2FA
  • Civic Liker onboard event analysis restructures and fix.
  • Fixed a bug in Civic Liker 2.0 logic that caused all Civic Liker transaction to be halted
  • Fixed a/b testing experiment was broken by gtag migration.

*Upcoming features

  • Discussed with Matters to improve their Civic Liker status refresh mechanism. Civic Liker status update would be smoother after the update is live

*UI/UX Design

  • Completed the monthly report design
  • Completed UI for creator pitch
  • Designed a banner for CNY campaign
  • Designed a warning UI to remind users to enable 2Fa
  • Will review the Civic Liker and UX
  • Will continue on the settings UX

*Working team: Edmond (Operations & Marketing), ​William (Full Stack Developer)‌, David Ng (Frontend Developer)‌ and JoshKIU (UX Designer)

WordPress Plugin

*Upcoming plugin features

  • New ISCN related feature UI design is ready and will be implemented in the upcoming weeks.
  • ISCN release is planned to be released after UI improvement on ISCN widget and plugin UI are done.
  • Working team: ​William (Full Stack Developer), David Ng (Frontend Developer)‌ and JoshKIU (UX Designer)

Browser extension

  • Thanks to community effort (gwanyun and flyinglimao), a version that support injecting LikeCoin button to will soon be released

On governance

Community call #202102 conducted to discuss the

  1. Signaling proposal to delegate the ecosystem development pool will continue to be discussed in Discord (lead by guanyun)
  2. Migration pool delegation signaling proposal
  3. Community pool taxes
  4. Raise validators seats

On evangelism and others

  • Published an article about #DEPUB, from a content preservation point of view
  • Followed up the cracker incident: composed newsletter, social post, tutorial video for 2FA setup.
  • Check out the February newsletter

*Working team: ​Edmond (Operations & Marketing), Phoebe (Business Development)‌

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