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LikeCoin Progress Update 2021.09.13

Table of Contents

Testing IBC relayers on LikeCoin chain public Testnet. Further developing ISCN object to represent each registered ISCN using algorithm art. ISCN batch upload tool is available to users who are looking to register content in batch!

LikeCoin chain statistics‌

(Difference from 2021.08.30)

Block Explorer:

LikeCoin Progress Update 2021.09.13
LikeCoin Progress Update 2021.09.13

LikeCoin chain updates

🎯 Product Update

The Metadata Registry:

  • We are working on the unique algorithmically generated art for ISCN card.
  • User feedback and UX improvement are also being worked on.
  • We are also working on Arweave integration (+ IPFS bridge). Users will soon be able to pin their files on Arweave and IPFS networking using LIKE as payment.
LikeCoin Progress Update 2021.09.13
ISCN Card algorithm design
LikeCoin Progress Update 2021.09.13
Generated art of ISCN cards

ISCN Batch Upload Tool

  • Tested the JS script. Solved the web timeout issue.
  • The repository is public on GitHub now. PR is welcome.

Liker Land App

  • Fixed a bug in our Github Action which prevent an APK build to be automatically produced. In the next App version release, the APK should be correctly generated on our Github repository.

WordPress Plugin

  • The next step of #DePub will happen on WordPress. We are planning to revamp the WordPress plugin, allowing writers to publish ISCN together with the article.
  • A bug that prevents Matters article status to be updated is fixed.
  • We are fixing an issue where some images cannot be sync to Matters when saving the draft.

  • Fixed a bug that the voting power of validators doesn’t correctly calculate.
  • Fixed a bug that inactive validators are not displayed in the list.
  • Redelegating staking from the original validator to another validator is now supported.
  • Fixed an issue which prevents proposal deposit and voter address display from working correctly.

🔧 Engineering Update

  • Timeout issue with LikeCoin chain API ( has been resolved. This was due to the FoTan upgrade requiring a higher I/O disk for handling our daily RPC calls. We have upgraded the disk used by our RPC nodes.


  • We have released iscn-js on npm, which allows ISCN transactions to be signed with the least setup on the JavaScript/TypeScript environment. We are also integrating this library internally so expect it to be rapidly developed and breaking changes for now.
  • We are now a validator of the Desmos mainnet. LikeCoin chain looks forward to having cross-chain integration with Desmos chain in the future.
  • We have discussed and confirmed the product direction of Liker Land for the coming half-year. The key KPIs are 1) the number of ISCN registered, 2) the number of active wallets, and 3) the number of services providing LikeCoin related services.
  • The number of Civic Liker has reached an ATH of 1,996.

This update is bought to you by the Liker Land team.

Edmond (COO), Joshua (Design Lead), William (CTO), Chung (Blockchain Developer), Wei (Full Stack Developer), Shelly (Full Stack Developer), David (Frontend Lead), Aurora (Frontend Developer)

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