LikeCoin progress update

Table of Contents

LikeCoin Progress Update 2021.11.08

Table of Contents

Working on a new ISCN-Arweave integrating library. Apps page on will be updated soon.

📈 LikeCoin Chain Statistics‌

(Difference from 2021.10.25)

Block Explorer:

LikeCoin Progress Update 2021.11.08
LikeCoin Progress Update 2021.11.08

⛓ LikeCoin Chain Updates

🎯 Product Updates

The Metadata Registry:

  • Improved the signing process and cancellation behavior for the ISCN registration.

WordPress Plugin

🔧 Engineering Updates

Civic Liker

  • We stopped supporting PayPal as a payment method for Civic Liker, and have sent emails to users for retention.
  • The number of Civic Liker boosted to 2,288 and APRU boosted to USD 13.23 due to suspected credit card fraud cases.

  • Apps page on will update soon. All apps will come with a shot description. Also will include new LikeCoin related apps and sites. Such as block explorers, Osmosis and other exchanges.

📝 Others

This update is bought to you by the Liker Land team.

Edmond (COO), Joshua (Design Lead), William (CTO), Chung (Blockchain Developer), David (Front-end Lead), Aurora (Front-end Developer), Wei (Full Stack Developer), Shelly (Full Stack Developer), Phoebe (CEO)