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LikeCoin Progress Update 2022.01.03

Table of Contents

WordPress plugin integrates Keplr and Arweave, is now live.

📈 LikeCoin Chain Statistics‌

(Difference from 2021.12.20)

Block Explorer:

LikeCoin Progress Update 2022.01.03
LikeCoin Progress Update 2022.01.03

⛓ LikeCoin Chain Updates

  • Preparing for next chain upgrade, working on build scripts (Makefile) and Cosmovisor setup.
  • Testing the version consistency of Cosmos-SDK v0.42.11.

🎯 Product Update

WordPress Plugin

  • Plugin v2.4 is now live. The latest WordPress plugin integrates Keplr and Arweave, bringing a one-stop experience for #DePub. Publish your article to Arweave and ISCN now!
  • Working on next WordPress Plugin version, which embraces the modern Gutenberg design and leverages Gutenberg SlotFills for building the Sidebar-related components.

Civic Liker

  • The crack down of Civic Media in Hong Kong may affect the number of Civic Likers. Civic Likers which is currently subscribing to civic media consists 50% of the Civic Liker group. We will encourage these subscribers to support other creators and maintain the membership.

🔧 Engineering Update

LikeCoin Airdrop

  • Completed UX/UI design of airdrop claimer. An airdrop checker will launch soon for everyone the check eligible and the airdrop amount. The airdrop claimer will be ready when the airdrop start, to guide users to complete the airdrop missions.

This update is bought to you by the Liker Land team.