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LikeCoin Progress Update 2022.01.17

Table of Contents

Airdrop checker is now live. WordPress Gutenberg version plugin is on the way. New Civic Liker version in discussion.

📈 LikeCoin chain Statistics‌

(Difference from 2022.01.03)

LikeCoin Progress Update 2022.01.17
LikeCoin Progress Update 2022.01.17

⛓ LikeCoin chain Updates

  • Working on the auto-download feature of Cosmovisor. Cosmovisor v1.0 only support auto-download for Cosmos SDK v0.44.3 or later, while we are using v0.42.x, so we are back-porting features in v0.44.3 for auto-download support onto v0.42.x.
  • We have updated one of our statesync enabled node to expose a public IP to allow easier state sync setup.

🎯 Product Update

The Metadata Registry:

  • Airdrop checker page launch in
  • Add view mode toggle, now can check this site on the mobile device.
LikeCoin Progress Update 2022.01.17

WordPress Plugin

  • WordPress Plugin v2.5 is in QA phase, about to finished, which embraces the modern Gutenberg design and leverages Gutenberg SlotFills for building the Sidebar-related components.
  • UX/UI design for admin dashboard was completed. Which reorganise and improve settings of the WordPress Plugin.

Civic Liker

  • Since Standnews and Hong Kong Citizen News has been forced to close down, we have automatically stopped the Civic Liker subscription to these two Liker IDs and send email notification to the affected users. The number affected composes 50% of the total number of Civic Likers
  • Credit card fraud cases are reported during 13–15 Jan and hence we have tightened credit card payment security level to defend from further attacks.
  • We have make the decision to move to a new version of Civic Liker, which is more decentralized and less risky. Have been consolidating the requirements. Plan to launch the MVP asap.

🔧 Engineering Update

  • We are working with Matters on ISCN integration using OAuth API.
  • We are working to improve our Arweave API’s performance, which would improve user experience of and WordPress plugin users.

Community Update

This update is brought to you by the Liker Land team.

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