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LikeCoin stepped on Exec

Table of Contents

Every step pushes us to the top

We are pleased to announce that LikeCoin got listed on Exec. On July 2018 Exec proudly accepted our token and got us listed on hybrid exchange. The ticker symbol is LIKE

What is Hybrid Exchange?

Hybrid Exchange combines the advantages of both centralized and decentralized exchanges. As they (HEX) do not have access to users’ private keys and wallets, it gives back its users full control of their assets. This allows users to have a more satisfying user experience while enjoying secured personal information and well-protected privacy.

Featured functions of Hybrid:

  • Formation of an aggregated order book based on quotes collected from all the system’s nodes (both the centralized and decentralized nodes)
  • Dissemination of the aggregated order book to the blockchain nodes.
  • Choice of the blockchain nodes with the best instrument prices/quotes to place the order submitted by a client.
  • Sending the order to the selected system node (for marketable order); entry of information on the order into the blockchain (for queuing order).
  • Receipt of execution confirmation.

Open to list

We welcome more exchanges to list LIKE for trading. Here are some input:

White Paper:
Contract: 0x02F61Fd266DA6E8B102D4121f5CE7b992640CF98
Symbol: LIKE
Decimal: 18

Feel free to get in-touch with us: [email protected]