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(More than) a thousand Thanks

Table of Contents

LikeCoin token sale wrap up

On behalf of LikeCoin Foundation, i would like to express my deepest gratitude for all your support.

In total, the Foundation has sold 360,538,485 LikeCoin tokens for 7,562.26 ETH in 4 rounds (Early Believer, Early Bird, Institution and Public Sale), and reached 180% of our initial target of 4200 ETH. All the tokens has been distributed to the buyers. The unsold tokens will be transferred to ecosystem development pool for creator bonus and other community uses. A bonus scheme for content creators will be launched as soon as June. Please stay tuned for our announcement.

Not taking any day off, the team has prepared to have LikeCoin tokens listed on QRYPTOS by QUOINE on June 4! Don’t miss our announcement for details tomorrow.