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Publishing WordPress Articles to the Metaverse | LikeCoin Update

Table of Contents

🔎In Focus: LikeCoin Bridges WordPress and Web3

The current hassle to publish articles as NFTs: Creators needed to find ways to save the contents and metadata on decentralized storage such as IPFS or blockchain, before selling them on the NFT marketplaces. Furthermore, they had to purchase several kinds of cryptocurrencies during the process. We have good news for WordPress users: After finishing your articles, you only need one click to publish pre-NFT credentials to blockchain. the whole process just takes one minute to complete within the WordPress editor!

The brand new LikeCoin WordPress plugin 2.5.3 is tailor made for Gutenberg editor, which links up the WordPress website with Web3 by just one click. Its functions include:

  • One-click publishing to LikeCoin plus storage at IPFS and Arweave
  • On-chain and decentralized storage fees can be paid by LikeCoin in one go

This plugin will further support NFT minting in the future. By selling NFTs to readers, decentralized publishing can be actualized to the fullest.

Contributing to WordPress Community

There are currently 1,500 active installations of the LikeCoin WordPress plugin. According to the survey of W3Techs, 43% of the world’s websites are built on WordPress, which illustrates its market dominance in the content management system. LikeCoin WordPress plugin will undoubtedly create an exceptional experience to WordPress users and help Web2 websites to get intoWeb3 world.

NFT Support

The development of LikeCoin’s NFT module is underway, and will be available for testing in May, which means minting NFTs on LikeCoin is in sight! Besides WordPress users who can mint NFT directly, LikeCoin’s Dapps such as depub.SPACE and Liker.Social will hopefully be able to support NFT as well.

📚DApp Applications

Capture App Integrates LikeCoin

Publishing WordPress Articles to the Metaverse | LikeCoin Update

The latest version of Numbers Protocol‘s Capture App is enhanced with the ISCN function. After a picture is registered, simply click the picture followed by the Settings icon on the top right corner, choose “Network Actions” and register its metadata, and you can obtain a permanent record for your picture on the LikeCoin chain. Download Capture App now and try out this function! You are invited to join the AMA with Numbers on 15th April, 20:00 GMT+8 on Twitter Space.

Publishing WordPress Articles to the Metaverse | LikeCoin Update

Liker Social Supports DePub Too!

The decentralized publishing function of Liker.Social has been launched. All you need to do is to click “DePub” on the TOOT page after posting a toot, and you can upload the contents on IPFS and Arweave and obtain ISCN. Visit user guide to learn more.

New Design of

Quickly check out the brand new design of, in which you can see the vote tally update and validators’ preferences, and even submit a proposal directly on the interface! And most importantly, all proposals will be stored and published on chain. No more missing proposals. Wish for more functions? Go to #tech-subdao channel and share your views and opinions.

🤖 LikeCoin in Cosmos

Reclaiming Liquidity from Emeris Portal

The Gravity DEX protocol, which is built on the Cosmos Hub, will soon migrate from the Emeris portal to its own separate blockchain Crescent Network. Users who have provided liquidity to Emeris ATOM/LIKE pool should withdraw your stake by 26th April.

🗳 LikeCoin DAO Updates

Publishing WordPress Articles to the Metaverse | LikeCoin Update

KalpaTech Staking Service Proposals Notifications

The proposals notification services provided by KalpaTech Staking Services are now available on the LikeCoin chain. By registering your email, choosing the Cosmos chains you want and then joining the Telegram group as instructed, you can receive proposal updates easily.

LikeCoin Chain Upgrade

  • likecoin-public-testnet-5: As irreversible errors were found in likecoin-public-testnet-4, an upgraded version likecoin-public-testnet-5 was launched this week, and a proposal of upgrading to LikeCoin chain v.2.0.0 has been submitted. Hopefully it will not affect the upgrading progress of LikeCoin chain, and the upgrade of the main website will be complete by the end of April
  • devnet testnet: Oursky has launched devnet for developers who wish to test LikeCoin NFT modules. Please contact rickmar (@rickmak#5786) on Discord to request authorization.

Committee Updates

  • #marketing-subdao: Our warmest welcome to community ambassadors @FrauBelz, @eblkronos, @73lV_, Jack ( @allies77#531 ) and YL ( YL I Otter Zone#5882 ) to help promote LikeCoin and depub.SPACE.
  • #tech-subdao: After passing proposal #40, a total of 2,000,000 LIKE was allocated for various development expenses. An expenditure statement is pinned on the #tech-subdao for your reference.
  • Community Delegation Committee ( CDC ): Together with the staking rewards earlier, the fund accumulates a total of 102,331,213 LIKE, which has been delegated to 15 validators in the 10th round.
  • Creators Fund management committee (CFC): Even though the number of Civic Likers increased in March, delegation is still below par. The Creators Fund’s daily matching share will therefore remain at 13,300 LIKE.

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